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MichellArt has the exclusiveness of masterpiece copies painted by Michel Mancini who makes, mainly under commission, high quality copies of ancient decorative painting (still-life or other subjects), fantastic or surrealist painting from Renaissance to Romanticism.

Michel Mancini copies paintings he selects himself in the best museums for their exceptional decorative qualities and originality which makes them works of exception, being occasionally worthy of more fame than they have.

Amongst his favourite painters we find Giuseppe Arcimboldo, Juan de Arellano, Hieronymus Bosch, Sandro Botticelli, the Brueghel's dynasty, Joaquim Patinir, Paolo Uccello and a few other painters.

Far from cheap copies which are mass produced in Asia or elsewhere by anonymous makers, his paintings are oil painted on canvas very meticulously and artificially aged to produce cracks of the varnish, giving the appearance that they are several centuries old.
You may check the high quality of our copies by clicking on the following image painting icon
or apply for a free paper print which will be mailed at home, for this, click on the following icon print icon.

Therefore, we put at your reach real artworks which, once in your house, office or company will be your personal heritage for future generations, as patrons did it in the past, such as the opulent Florentine Pucci's family.
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For Home decoration or decoration of offices, headquarters, meeting rooms, hotels, restaurants, Buy our copies of high quality oil painted on canvas of paintings of old masters realised from masterpieces in the field of the decorative painting (for instance Story of Nastagio by Sandro Botticelli), fantastic or surrealist painting (for instance the Garden of Delights from Hieronymus Bosch) from Renaissance to Romanticism nearly as precise as high definition photographs printed on a poster. oil paintings paintings old masters masters reproduction decoration home canvas ancient Hieronymus Bosch surrealist head-quarter under commission commission commissions masterpiece fantastic Garden of Delights Arcimboldo Botticelli sorts of flowers Nastagio Renaissance Bruegel Uccello Patinir Romanticism museums art still-life Juan de Arellano MichellArt Michel Mancini Brueghel gallery hotels office erotic copy reproductions works copyist painting decorative baroque individuals companies amateurs Private individuals and companies, amateurs of Fine Arts and paintings, for the decoration of the house, and the decoration of offices, headquarters, conference rooms, halls of reception, castles, luxury hotels, hotels and restaurants make realize under commission a high quality oil copy on canvas coated at the ancient way on a frame with stretching keys, after a free quotation, from an ancient painting, of one of the ancient masters of the decorative or ormamental painting (for instance Story of Nastagio by Sandro Botticelli or a still-life with all sorts of flowers), or of the fantastic, erotic or surrealist painting (for instance the Garden of Delights from Hieronymus Bosch, or Arcimboldo) from Renaissance to Romanticism nearly as precise as high definition photographs printed on a poster and are 100 times cheaper than an original. GooglePray