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In order to complete the choice proposed in our gallery and what you may select by using the links to Museums and other virtual galleries, we provide you with this very extensive Dictionary of painters of all countries and periods which may help you to select artists of whom you would like to have a copy.

It contains 12,392 painters.

It is sorted by first by forenames and after by names.

The articles and prepositions such as d', de, del, della, den, der, du, el, il, l', le, la, of, the, van, von are not included in the sorting of forenames.
For instance, van den Ast should be searched in A and not in V or D.

When several artists have the same forename(s) and name(s), they are differentiated by a numbering of their name and/or by the indication of the Elder and the Younger, or Senior and Junior.

To move along inside the Dictionary , you may click on the selected letter in the table above.

If the forename of a painter is written in turquoise blue, if you click on it, you will access to his bibiography and to a gallery containing a sample of his works.

You will find below the complete list of painters from the letter A to the letter Z.

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Hans von Aachen


Carl Aagaard


Slim Aarons


Johann Joseph Aarts


Masseot Abaquesne


Alberto Abate


Nicolo dell'Abate


Nicoló dell'Abate


Ercole dell'Abbate


Giuseppe Abbati


Louise Abbema


Edwin Austin Abbey


John White Abbott


Lemuel-Francis Abbott


Darvish Abdollah


L. Abeissonier


Jacobus Theodorus Abels


Johann Ludwig Aberli


J. Aberry


Anna Barbara Abesch


Nicolai Abraham Abildgaard


Robert Abraham


Rosema Abrahams


John Absolon


Charles Louis Acar


Eugène Accard


Georg Nicolai Achen


Johann von Achen


Andreas Achenbach


Oswald Achenbach


Johan Axel Gustav Acke


Paul Léon Aclocque


Cesare Felix dell'Acqua


Albrecht Adam


Bernd Adam


Eugen Adam


Franz Adam


Heinrich Adam


Hippolyte Adam


Joseph Adam


Joseph Denovan Adam


Julius Adam


Lambert-Sigisbert Adam


Nicolas Sebastien Adam


Patrick William Adam


Robert Adam


Simon Adam


Pietro Adamo


Ansel Adams


Charles James Adams


Emily Adams


George Adams


John Clayton Adams


John Quincy Adams


Peter Adams


Sheldon Burrows Adams


Suze Adams


Dorothy Adamson


John Augustus Adamson


W. Adamson


Joseph Poole Addey


Jodocus Sebasiaen Adeele


Luigi Ademollo


Alexander van Adriaenssen


Thomas Aeffner


Nicolaus van Aelst


Willem van Aelst


Flory Aerts


Pieter Aertzen


Charles d'Agar


Jacques Laurent Agasse


Hans Agersnap


Agostino Aglio


Joaquin Agrasot y Juan


Livio Agresti


Christoph-Ludwig Agricola


Eduard Agricola


Benito-Manuel de Aguero


Diego de Aguilar


Gines Andres Aguirre


Georgette Agutte


August Wilhelm Julius Ahlborn


Aenna von Aijin


William Aikman


Aimé Jules Dalou


Max Emanuel Ainmiller


Sir Robert Ainslie


H. Ainsworth


George II Aitchison


William Aitken


Ivan Konstantinovich Aivazovsky


Joseph van Aken


Gyorgyi Giergl Alajos


Jacopo Alari-Boncolsi


Jean Alaux


Vaha Alaverdyan


Kani Alavi


Jean Antoine Alavoine


Vicente Alban


Jean Jacques Alban de Lesgallery


Francesco Albani


Jean François Albanis de Beaumont


Jacopo Alberegno


Johann Ludwig Alberli


Antonio Alberti


Mariotto di Bigio Albertinelli


Sebastiano de Albertis


Carl Albrecht


Luis Paret y Alcazar


Kasimir Alchimowicz


Hermann van  Aldewereld


Pietro Aldi


Cecil Aldin


Frederick James Aldridge


John Alefounder


Teodor Alekayavich


Fjodor Jakowlewitsch Aleksejew


Leonardo Alenza


Charles Alexander


Cosmo Alexander


Francis Alexander


Henry Alexander


John White Alexander


William Alexander


Ivan Alexandrov


Alessandro Algardi


Jean d'Alheim


Theodore Caruelle d'Aligny


Jim Alinder


Henry Thomas Alken


Samuel Henry Gordon Alken


Henry I Alken the Elder


Henry II Alken the Younger


Daphne Allan


David Allan


Sir William Allan


Patrick Allan-Fraser


Danielle Allard


Pierre Allard


Fernand Allard l'Olivier


Christophe Gabriel Allegrain


Etienne Allegrain


Jean Luc Allègre


Raymond Allègre


Francesco Allegrini


Fritz l'Allemand


Siegmund l'Allemand


Brent Allen


Joseph Allen


Sir William Allen


Jean Allenbach


Francis Alleyne


C. C. Allfrey


Helen Allingham


John William Allison


W. Allison


Thomas Allom


Auguste Allonge


Alessandro Allori


Cristofano Allori


Gilles Allou


Henry Curzon Allport


Washington Allston


Manuel Almagro


Laura Theresa Alma-Tadema


Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema


Gerhar Almbauer


Ester Almqvist


Robert Alott


Eusebius Johann Alphen


J. Alsina


Ramón Marti Alsina


Denis van  Alsloot


Denys van Alsloot


Franz Alt


Jakob Alt


Rudolf von Alt


Albrecht Altdorfer


Erhard Altdorfer


Gabrie Altevers


Josef Altheimer


Alexander Altmann


Karl Altmann


Martino Altomonte


Konrad von Altstetten


Francisco de Paula Alvarez


L. Alvarez


Eugenio Alvarez Dumont


Pietro di Alvaro


Theodor Aman


Jost Amann


Eugène Emmanuel Amaury-Duval


Wilhelm Amberg


Christoph Amberger


Maurice Ambler


Raphael von Ambros


Don Pedro di Figueredo Americo


Friedrich von Amerling


Jacopo Amigoni


Jost Amman


Karl Ammann


Bartolomeo Ammannati


Antonio Amorosi


Scott Amour


Samuel Amsler


Jan van Amstel


Auguste Paul Charles Anastasi


B. Ancelot


Anna Ancher


Michael Peter Ancher


Torello Ancillotti


Francesco Antonio d´Ancona


Vito d'Ancona


Hans Christian Andersen


Anders Andersen-Lundby


Cilius Anderson


John MacVicar Anderson


John Wilson Anderson


Percy Anderson


Sophie Anderson


Walter Anderson


William Anderson


Henry Anderton


F. d'Andon


Angel Andrade Blazguez


Jean André


Dietrich Ernst Andreae


Karl Andreae


I. Andréescu


Nikolajewitsch Andrei


Alex de Andreis


François Andreossy


Federigo Andreotti


C. W. Andrews


Henry Andrews


James Andrews


Alexander Andriessen


Hendrik Andrieszen


Pierre Andrieu


Clément Auguste Andrieux


Paolo Anesi


Alix d'Anethan


George French Angas


Philips Angel


Filippo d'Angeli


Filippo de Liano d'Angeli


Giuseppe Angeli


Heinrich von Angeli


Alesso Angelico


Pierre Angelis


Helen Cordelia Coleman Angell


Pierre Angillis


Pieter Angillis


Gian Battista Angolo del Moro


Charles Angrand


François Anguier


Michel Anguier


Sofonisba Anguisciola


Lucia Anguissola


Sofonisba Anguissola


William Louis Angus


Henrik Ankarcrona


Albert Anker


Ricardo Ankermann y Riera


Louis Anquetin


Georg Anschotz


Thomas Pollock Anschutz


John Ansdell


Richard Ansdell


W.P. Ansdell


Charles Ansell


Giorgio Anselmi


Antoine Ansiaux


Benedetto Antelami


Willem Anthonissone Anthonis


Hendrik van Anthonissen


V. Antier


Alexandre Antigna


Antoine Louis Antoine Louis Barye


Jose Antolinez


Pietro Antoniani


Salvo d'Antonio


Mihail Antonov


Alexej Petrowitsch Antropow


Aert van Antum


José Aparicio


Adolphe Appian


Andrea Appiani


J. Appleton


Rosa Appleton


Andris Apse


Thomas van Apshoven


Peter Nicolai Arbo


Olof Arborelius


P.G. Archainbaud


A. Archer


James Archer


Janet Archer


John Wykeham Archer


Giuseppe Arcimboldo


Juan de Arellano


Migdal Arellano


Arent Arentsz


Cesare Aretusi


Pellegrino Aretusi


Ivan Petrowitsch Argunov


Antonio Fernandez Arias


Abram Efimovich Arkhipov


J. Arlaud


Marc Louis Arlaud


Tom Arma


Louis Armand


Charles Edouard Armand-Dumaresq


Jean François Armbruster


George Armfield


Edward Armitage


Henry Hugh Armstead


Francis Abel William Taylor Armstrong


Thomas Armstrong


Charles Armytage


George Arnald


Alwin Arnegger


Eve Arnold


Harriet Arnold


Mona Arnold


Peter Arnold


Louis Jules Arnout


Floris Arntzenius


Toni Aron


Guariento d'Arpo


Jean d'Arras


Isidoro Arredondo


José Agustin Arrieta


Pedro Arrieta


Luis Graner Arrufi


François Artaud


Jacques d'Arthois


Reginald Arthur


David Adolph Constant Artz


Cosmas Damian Asam


Egid Quirin Asam


Maurice Ascani


E. Ascenzi


Pieter Jansz van Asch


Aniello Ascione


William Ashburner


Louis Asher


William Ashford


Arthur Ashpitel


Hans Asper


Amico Aspertini


Sarah Aspinall


Jan Asselijn


Jan Asselyn


Giovacchino Assereto


Eugène Assezat de Bouteyre


Franz von Assisi


Tiberio di Diotallevi d'Assisi


Bartholomeus Assteyn


Balthasar van der Ast


John Astley


Vasili Egorovich Astrakhov


Nikolai Astrup


Nicolai Astudin


Samuel Atkins


Caroline Louisa Atkinson


James Atkinson


John Atkinson


John Augustus Atkinson


Lawrence Atkinson


Rev. C. Atkinson


Thomas Witlam Atkinson


W. A. Atkinson


le baron Attalin


Sylvie Aubert


Georgina M. de l'Aubinière


David Aubrey


Claude Aubriet


Etienne Aubry


Louis François Aubry


Jean Francis Auburtin


Ch Auckenthaler


Lisa Audit


John James Audubon


Jakob Auer


F. M. A. Auerbach


Johann Gottfried Auerbach


Joseph Athanase Aufray


Marianne Augé


Joseph Augier


Jules Robert Auguste


Jean Baptiste Jacques Augustin


Giuseppe Aureli


Cassandra Austen


Ken Auster


Samuel Austin


Félix Auvray


Pauline Auzou


Jacques André Joseph Aved


Jacob C. Eduard Averberg


Barent Avercamp


Hendrik Averkamp


Jules Charles Aviat


Pieter van Avont


José Maria Avrial y Flores


Edouard Henri Avril


Meinrad van  Aw


Joe Axton


Thomas Brabazon Aylmer


James de Vine Aylward


Charo Aymerich


Fedele Azari


Massimo Taparelli d'Azeglio


José Azevedo


Hendrikus van de Sende Baachyssun


Johann-Michael Baader


Alfrida Vilhelmine Ludovica Baadsgaard


Carl Emil Baagoe


Charlotte E. Babb


Dirk Theodor van  Baburen


Baburen alias Dick


Dirck van Baburen


Il Bacchiacca


Marceli Bacciarelli


Nanni di Baccio Bigio


Alois Bach


Guido Bach


Otto Bache


Jean Jacques Bachelier


Francesco Ubertini Verdi Bachiacca


Hugo-Elias Bachmanssen


Il Baciccio


Sir George Back


Harriet Backer


Jacob Adriensz Backer


Jacques de Backer


Ludolf Backhuyzen


Joseph Backler


baron Louis Albert Bacler d'Albe


Henry Bacon


James Bacon


John Bacon


Sir Nathaniel Bacon


T. Bacon


Sisto Badalocchio


Giuseppe Badarocco


Joseph Badger


Derick Baegert


Cornelis de I Baellieur


Emilius Ditlev Baerentzen


H. Baert


Johann Daniel Bager


Stephen Baghot de la Bere


Giovanni Baglione


Joseph Richard Bagshaw


Jules G. Bahieu


Theodor Baierl


Antoine Jean Bail


Joseph Bail


David Bailey


Henry Bailey


Leon Charles Adrien Bailly


Edward Hodges Baily


Thomas Baines


William Baptiste Baird


Hermann Baisch


Wladyslaw Bakalowicz


Anthony Baker


Joseph Baker


Keith Baker


Mary Baker


Sir Samuel Baker


Thomas Baker


William Baker


William George Baker


Thomas Baker of Leamington


Julius Jacobus de Sande Bakhuizen


Hendrick van de Sande Bakhuyzen


John James Bakker


Alexander Hugo Bakker-Korff


Julius Bakof


Leon Nikolajewitsch Bakst


Ricardo Balaca


Thomas Tyrwhitt Balcombe


Filippo Baldinucci


Leonhard Baldner


James Walsham Baldock


Alesso Baldovinetti


Joshua Kirby Baldrey


G. Baldry


Matteo Balducci


Hans Baldung Grien


Brake Baldwin


Ryan Baldwin


Samuel Baldwin


Charles Thomas Bale


Edwin Bale


Hendrik I van  Balen the Elder


Hendrick II van  Balen the Younger


Lionello Balestrieri


Daryl Balfour


Wilfred Williams Ball


John Ballantyne


Jules Frédéric Ballavoine


Augusto Ballerini


Frederico Ballesio


Mogens Franscesco Hendrik Ballin


George Balmer


Wilhelm Balmer


Carl Balsgaard


Louis Pierre Baltard


Pieter Balten


Hans Baluschek


Betsy Bamber


Fritz Bamberger


Nicolo Bambini


Copplestone Warre Bamfylde


Henry W. Banbury


Elias Mollineaux Bancroft


Baccio Bandinelli


Michael Bandorf


J.O. Banks


Hamlet Bannerman


Cory Bannister


John Wilhelm David Bantelmann


Cristiano Banti


S. Baphista


J. Baptiste


Bonaventure de Bar


Miklos Barabas


Nicolo Barabino


Filippo Baratti


Ramon Barba


Giorgio Barbarelli da Castelfranco


Jacopo de Barbari


Emil Barbarini


Gustav Barbarini


Jean Barbault


Charles Burton Barber


Joseph Barber


Joseph Moseley Barber


Thomas Barber


Michel Angelo Barberi


Eva Barberini


Thomas Barbèy


Georges Barbier


Jean Jacques François le Barbier


Giovanni Francesco Barbieri


Jacques Luc Barbier-Walbonne


A. Barboccio


Salvador Barbudo-Sánchez


Johann Hieronymous Barckhan


Edgar Barclay


John MacLaren Barclay


Muriel Barclay


James Bard


Alessandro Bardelli


Pietro Bardellini


Karl Wilhelm Bardou


Thomas Bardwell


Johannes Antonius van der Baren


Gael Barend


James I Barenger


James II Barenger


Filippo Barigioni


Friedrich Hartmann Barisin


Tommaso da Modena Barisino


Giuseppe Barison


Eric Barjot


Florence Emily Bark


Benjamin Barker


Gordon Barker


Hazel Barker


Joseph Barker


Thomas Jones Barker


Thomas of Bath Barker


Adams Barland


Francis Barlow


Frederick Barnard


Louise Barnard


Edward Charles Barnes


G. J. Barnes


Natasha Barnes


James D. Barnett


Frederico Barocci


Henri Baron


Giacomo Barozzi da Vignola


Jacques Barraband


George Hamilton Barrable


Rafael Perez Barradas


John Melchior Barralet


Reginald Barratt


Francis Barraud


François Barraud


Henry Barraud


William Barraud


George Barret


R. S. Barret


Jerry Barrett


John Barrett


Richard Barrett


S. Barrett


Thomas Barrett


Félix Joseph Barrias


Louis Ernest Barrias


Prosper François Irénée Barrigues


Hugh Barron


Manuel Barron y Carrillo


Edith Isabel Barrow


James Barry


John Barry


Sir Charles Barry


Hans von Bartels


Johann Wilhelm Barth


Gerard de la Barthe


Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi


Albert Bartholome


Valentine Bartholomew


Marius Bartholoty


Paul Wayland Bartlett


William Henry Bartlett


Lorenzo Bartolini


Samuel Bartoll


William Thompson Bartoll


Andrea di Bartolo


Taddeo di Bartolo


Bartolo di Fredi alias Manfredi de Battilori


Fra Bartolomeo


Martino de Bartolomeo


Fra Bartolommeo


Francesco Bartolozzi


Gaetano Stefano Bartolozzi


Rose Maynard Barton


William Barton


Philip Anton Bartsch


Pietro Barucci


F. Barucco


Victor Barvitius


Frederick Bacon Barwell


Antoine Louis Barye


Prassitele Barzaghi


Marco Basaiti


Evaristo Baschenis


Maria Konstantinova Bashkirtseva


James Basire


Ferrer Bassa


R. Bassa


Gerolamo Bassano


Jacopo Bassano


Bartolomeus van Bassen


E. van de Bassen


Dominique de Bast


Lazzaro Bastiani


Giovanni Bastianini


Jules Bastien-Lepage


Johann Baptist Joseph Bastine


Henry Bataille


Willem Bataille


Vasiliy Batashov


S. J. Batchelder


John Bate


James Bateman


Lucas Bateman


Robert Bateman


David Bates


Dewey Bates


Harry Bates


Pompeo Girolamo Batoni


Arthur Batt


Carlo Battaglia


Francesco Battaglioli


Gerrit van Battem


John Dickson Batten


Manfredi de Battilori alias Bartolo di Fredi


Robert Batty


Auguste Baud-Bovy


Joseph François Baudelaire


Nicolas Baudesson


Eugène Benoit Baudin


Amédée Baudit


Paul Baudry


C. Bauer


Johann Georg Bauer


Manuel Bauer


Gustav Bauernfeind


Lubin Baugin


Charles Baugniet


Paul Baum


Bruno Baumann


Peter Baumgartner


Johann Wilhellm Baur


Charles Baxter


George Baxter


Mary Baxter


Alfred Walter Bayes


Frederick T. Bayes


Ramon Bayeu


Francisco Bayeu y Subias


Ramon Bayeu y Subias


Fanny Jane Bayfield


Pjotr Baykov


Thomas Mann Baynes


Franz von Bayros


Frédéric Bazille


Caman Baziz


Giuseppe Bazzani


Luigi Bazzani


Thomas Beach


Charles Beale


Mary Beale


James Beard


William Holbrook Beard


Aubrey Vincent Beardsley


George Beare


Fra Beato Angelico


Charles Beaubrun


Henri Beaubrun


Jean Adolphe Beauce


Lady Diana Beauclerk


Jean Beauduin


Polydore Beaufaux


Jacques Antoine Beaufort


Joseph Beaume


Jean de Beaumetz


A. de Beaumont


Claudio Francesco Beaumont


Jaques Beaumont


Sir George Howland Beaumont


Andre Beauneveu


Amélie Beaury-Saurel


Richard Beavis


Domenico Beccafumi


Gaspar Becerra


Luigi Bechi


Lothar Bechstein


Jacob Samuel Beck


Josef Beck


Leonhard Beck


Carl Ludwig Becker


Ernst August Becker


Georges Becker


Harry Becker


Jakob Becker


Ludwig Hugo Becker


Car Becker-Bühr


Johann Beckmann


Peter Beckmann


James Carroll Beckwith


Louise Becq de Fouquières


Joaquin Dominguez Becquer


Ella M. Bedford


Francis Donkin Bedford


Paolo Bedini


Girolamo Bedoli alias Mazzola


John Beecham


George Duncan Beechey


Richard Brydges Beechey


Sir William Beechey


Andries Beeckman


Jan Karel Donatus van Beecq


Cornelis Beelt


Jan de Beer


Wilhelm Amandus Beer


Jan van Beers


Jan Beerstraaten


Abraham Beerstraten


Jan Beerstraten


Osias I Beert


Sybrandt van Beest


Abraham Hendrick van Beesten


Mrs Isabella Beetham


Cornelis Bega


Reinhold Begas


Carl Begas the Elder


Abraham Jansz Begeyn


Alexander Karlovich Beggrow


Karl Petrowitsch Beggrow


Bartel Beham


Hans Sebold Beham


William Behnes


V. Behr


Günter H. Behrens


Franz-Joachim Beich


William Beilby


Fritz Beinke


Antonio Cabral Bejarano


Juan Cabral Bejarano


W. Belch


Emile Belet


A. Belin de Fontenay


Jean Baptiste Belin de Fontenay


Arthur George Bell


Charles Bell


John Bell


Robert Anning Bell


Stuart Henry Bell


Gabriele Bella


Luca Bellandi


Hippolyte Bellangé


Jacques Bellangé


Thierry Bellangé


Camille Felix Bellanger


Sylvi Bellaunay


Charles Alphonse Paul Bellay


Alexis Simon Belle


Clement Louis Marie Anne Belle


Henri Bellechose


Alexandre Veron Bellecourt


Jean Bellegambe


Michel Bruno Bellenge


Ferdinand Bellermann


William Bellers


Henri Jules Ferdinand Bellery-Defonaines


Nicole Belletti


Luigi Belli


Charles Bellier


Jean François Marie Bellier


Gentile Bellini


Giovanni Bellini


Jacopo Bellini


Titian Bellini


A. F. Belloli


Pietro Bellotti


Bernardo Bellotto


Albert Fitch Bellows


George Wesley Bellows


Jane Bellows


Antonio Bellucci


Giuseppe Bellucci


Jacques Belly


Léon Auguste Adolphe Belly


Louise J. Sarazin de Belmont


José Belón


Ivan Belonogov


V. Belousov


David Belova


Andrea Belvedere


Bonifacio Bembo


Peter von Bemmel


Wilhelm von Bemmel


Ernst Benary


Charles Benazech


Federico Bencovich


Gyula Benczúr


Eduard Julius Friedrich Bendemann


Stanislaw Bender


Bernhard Axel Bendixen


Siegfried Detlef Bendixen


Wilhelm Ferdinand Bendz


Andries Benedetti


Marco Benefiale


Thomas Benham


Simon Bening


A. Benini


Juan Antonio Benlliure y Gil


Emmanuel Benner


Jean Benner


baron Karl-Stefan Bennet


Arnold Bennett


Newton Bennett


William Bennett


William Mineard Bennett


Adam Benno


Félix Benoist


Marie Guilhelmine Benoist


Jean Achille Bénouville


Léon Bénouville


Alexander Ritter von Bensa


Ambrosius Benson


Willem Guillaume Benson


Joseph Bensted


Louis Bentabole


Charles Bentley


Edward Bentley


Pietro Benvenuti


John Hodges Benwell


Joseph-Austin Benwell


Moïse Ber


Jean  Berain


Antoine Beranger


Emile Béranger


Ferry Beraton


Jean Beraud


Nicolaes Berchem


Narcisse Berchere


Gerrit Adriaensz Berckheyde


Job Adriaensz Berckheyde


G. W. Berckhout


Ramon Berenguer


Christian Berentz


Cecilia Melanie Beresford


Petrus Beretta


Adolf-Julius Berg


Josep Berga Boix


P. Bergaigne


H. Bergaignie


Francesco Bergamini


Carl von Bergen


Dirck van Bergen


Karl von Bergen


Abel Berger


Johann Christian Berger


Julius Victor Berger


Denis Pierre Bergeret


Pierre-Nolasque Bergeret


Edward Bergh


Sven Richard Bergh


Renate Berghaus


Charles van den Berghe


Dirk van Berghen


Johann Georg Bergmüller


Ambrogio da Fossano Bergognone


Steph Bergstrom


Tony François de Bergue


Antoine Berjon


Stanley Berkeley


Bonaventura Berlinghieri


Adolphe Bernard


Claude Bernard


Jacques Samuel Bernard


Jean François Armand Félix Bernard


Joseph Bernard


Francesco Bernardini


P. Bernay


C. S. Bernays


Gunnar Berndtson


Etienne Prosper Berne-Bellecour


Klara Bernhardi


Joseph Bernhardt


Maria Bernhardt


Gianlorenzo Bernini


Raphael Bernini


Rudolf Bernt


Louis Beroud


Gaspar Miguel Berri


Gaspar Miguel de Berrio


Alonso Berruguete


Pedro Berruguete


Jacques Bertaux


Hippolyte Berteaux


John Bertelli


Jean Simon Berthélémy


Pierre Emile Berthélémy


Paul Berthier


Auguste Henry Berthold


Paul Berthon


René Théodore Berthon


Jean Victor Bertin


Nicolas Bertin


Jacopo Bertoia


John Bertoncini


Alain Bertrand


Georges Jules Bertrand


James Bertrand


Aureliano de Beruete


Balthasar Beschey


Charles Beschey


Paolo Emilio Besenzi


Basilius Besler


Albert Besnard


Claude-Jean Besselièvre


Johann Jacob Besserer


Faustin Besson


John Best


Mary Ellen Best


Charles Bestland


Nikolai Alexandrovich Bestuzhev


Hermann Bethke


Bartolomeo Bettera


Bonaventura Bettera


John I Bettes the Elder


John II Bettes the Younger


Niccolo Betti


Joachim Beuckelaer


Robert Polhill Bevan


William Roxby Beverly


Carlo Bevilacqua


Thomas Bewick


Abraham van  Beyeren


Hermann Beyfus


Robert Julius Beyschlag


Jean Louis Bezard


Ivan Bezmin


Giuseppe Bezzuoli


Vincenzo di Biagio


Alice Biais


Mose Bianchi


Pietro Bianchi


A. Bianchi Ferrari


Francesco Bianchi Ferrari


Baccio del Bianco


François Auguste Biard


Franz Biberstein


Alessandro Bibiena


Ferdinando Galli Bibiena


Giuseppe Bibiena


Neri di Bicci


Ellen Bickerstaffe


Antoine Bidauld


Jean Joseph Xavier Bidauld


Jean Pierre Xavier Bidauld


Louis Bidauld


Cornelis de Bie


Erasmus de Bie


Johann Jakob Biedermann


Victor François Eloi Biennoury


H. Bieringer


Gottlieb Biermann


Sandra Biermann


Albert Bierstadt


Guido Bigarelli


Vittorio Maria Bigari


Diane Bigda


William Redmore Bigg


Domenico Tommaso Bigordi


Trophime Bigot


Sandor Bihàri


Jan van  Bijert


Jan van Bijlert


Marie Marc Antoine Bilcoq


Anna Bilinska


Giovanni Biliverti


Carl Bille


Pierre Célestin Billet


René Billotte


Cornelius Biltius


Jacobus Biltius


Bartolomeo Bimbi


Bartolomeo del Bimbo alias il Bimbi


Emile Bin


Francis Bindon


Adolphe Gustave Binet


Jean Baptiste Barthélémy Binet


Robert Bing


Valentin Bing


George Caleb Bingham


James George Bingley


Thomas A. Binks


Peter Binoit


Zefa Biotic


Thomas Birch


William Russell Birch


John Dearman Birchall


Edward Bird


Harrington Bird


Samuel C. Bird


Hugo Birger


Peter Birmann


Samuel Birmann


William Verplanck Birney


Bartolomeo Biscaino


Friedrich Bischoff


Jakob Christoph Bischoff


Cesare Biseo


Giuseppe Bernardino Bison


Abraham Bisschop


Christoffel Bisschop


Cornelis Bisschop


Andre Bitesnich


Pierre Bittar


Giovanni Bizzelli


K. Bjernkes


Eugen von Blaas


Julius von Blaas


Karl von Blaas


Johannes de Blaauw


Andrew Black


Stuart Black


Jemima Blackburn


Thomas Blacklock


William Kay Blacklock


Walter Blackman


Johan Blackstadius


Elizabeth Blackwell


John Blair


Candide Blaize


B. Blake


Peter Blake


William Blake


Ralph Albert Blakelock


Hamish Blakely


James Blakeway


Célestin Blanc


Joseph Paul Blanc


Louis Ammy Blanc


Charles Blanchard


Jacques Blanchard


Jules Blanchard


Maria Blanchard


Pharamond Blanchard


Louis Gabriel Blanchet


George Marquis of Blandford


Juan Manuel Blanes


Jacques Léonard Blanquer


Madame Blanqui


Henri J. van Blarenberghe


Jacques Willem Blarenberghe


Louis Nicolas van Blarenberghe


Lily Blatherwick


Theodor Blatterbauer


James Blazeby


Karl Eduard Ferdinand Blechen


Richard van Bleeck


Herri met de Bles


Daniel de Blieck


Maurice Blieck


Jabez Bligh


Abraham van Blijenberch


Thomas Blinks


Christoph Bliss


Petra Blob


Carl Bloch


Matheus Bloem


Abraham Bloemaert


Hendrick Bloemaert


Jan Frans van Bloemen


Pieter van Bloemen


Arnoldus Bloemers


Gustav Wilhelm Blom


Maximilian Blommaerdt


Nils Blommer


Bart-John Blommers


Lanceloot Blondeel


Merry Joseph Blondel


Steve Bloom


Bart-John Bloomers


Pip Bloomfield


Peter de Bloot


Cheri Blum


Robert Frederick Blum


André Blumeau


Erwin Blumfeld


Ditlev Conrad Blunck


Lady Anne Blunt


Abraham Blyenberch


David Gilmour Blythe


Ernest Board


Paul Bobillet


Aleksei Alekseevich Bobrov






Gino Boccasile


Giovanni Boccati


Giovanni Boccatto


Umberto Boccioni


Mikhail Bocharov


Gregor von Bochmann


F. L. D. Bocion


Thomas Bock


Hans I Bock the Elder


Arnold Böcklin


Pedro Bocos


Nikolay Bodarevsky


Edwin Henry Boddington


Henry Boddington


Gabriele-Diana Bode


Leopold von Bode


François Archange Joseph Bodin


Karl Bodmer


Erik Bodom


Karl-Fridrikh Petrovich Bodri


Peter van Boeckel


Jan Boeckhorst


Karl Boegler


Joseph Edgar Boehm


Nicky Boehme


Peter Boel


Maerten Boelema de Stomme


Henry Boese


Christian Eduard Boettcher


Jakob Bogdani


Iwan Bogdanow


Jakab Bogdány


Jakob Bogdany


Frank Myers Boggs


Alexej Petrowitsch Bogoljubov


Alexander Bogomazov


Adolf Bohm


Pál Böhm


Ralf Bohnenkamp


Heinke Böhnert


Stanislaw Bohusz-Sistrzencewicz


David Boilat


Louis-Léopold Boilly


Sitri Bois


Charles Boulanger Boisfremont


Marie Felix Edmond de Boislecomte


Joseph Ferdinand Boissard de Boisdenier


Felix Boisselier


Jean Jacques de Boissieu


P. Boitet


Antoine Boizot


Louis Simon Boizot


Christian Ludwig Bokelman


Evert-Jan Boks


Ferdinand Bol


Hans Bol


Constantin Bolanachi


Giovanni Boldini


Hans Bollongier


Giovanni da Bologna


Melissa Bolton


Giovanni Boltraffio


Carl Bolze


Sebastiano Bombelli


Louis Bombled


Bernhard Bömke


Niccolo Bonaccorsi


Pier Jacopo Alari Bonacolsi


Pacino di Bonaguida


Armand Joseph Bonamy


Bonannus de Pise


Carlo Bonaria


D. K. Bonatti


Carlo Bonavia


Roseta Bonbon


Celina Bonciani


William Joseph J.C. Bond


Egidio Maria Bondoni


Henry Bone


Julia Bonet


Benedetto Bonfigli


Maria-Rosa Bonheur


Ignace François Bonhomme


Giacomo Boni


Veronese Bonifacio


Adriano Bonifazi


Anton Agelo Bonifazi


Richard Parkes Bonington


Giuseppe Bonito


Léon Bonnat


Leon Joseph Florentin Bonnat


Fereol Bonnemaison


Auguste Fréderic Bonnet


Denis Bonnet


Louis Marin Bonnet


François Bonneville


Eva Bonnier


Carlo Bononi


Egnazio Bonsignori


Francesco Bonsignori


Girolamo Bonsignori


Pierre Bontemps


François Bonvin


Jean François Bony


Aroldo Bonzagni


Nikolai Konstantinov Bool


Arnold Boonen


S. Boost


William Henry James Boot


William Booth


William Bootham


Jules Charles Boquet


Paulus Bor


Gerard ter Borch


Joseph Bordes


Paris Bordone


Guido Borelli


Francesco Borgani


Auguste Borget


Orazio Borgianni


Paul Borgmann


Ambrogio Borgognone


Juan de Borgoña


Aleksandr Alekseevich Borisov


Viktor Elpifidorowitsch Borissow-Mussatow


Carlo Borlenghi


Pieter Borm


Johannes Borman


Jacques Lieven Born


Pieter Born


Hans Bornemann


Robert Boron


Wladimir Lukitsch Borowikowski


Odoardo Borrani


Nicolas Borras


Luis Borrassá


Francesco Borromini


Giuseppe Borsato


József Borsos


Anthonie van Borssom


Mattia Bortolini


George van den Bos


Charlotte Bosanquet


Johannes Bosboom


Ernst Bosch


Hieronymus Bosch


Giuseppe Boschetto


Fabrizio Boschi


Andrea Boscoli


Felice Boselli


Friedrich Boser


Natalie Bosien


baron Bosio


Georges Bosio


Robert Ward van Boskerck


Johan Bosman


Abraham Bosschaert


Ambrosius Bosschaert


Jan D. de Bosschaert


Jean-Baptist Bosschaert


Johannes Bosschaert


Balthasar van den Bossche


Abraham Bosse


Francesco Bosso


Carlo Bossoli


John Bostock


Rafael Botella y Coloma


Andries Both


Jan Both


N. P. Both


Mikhail Petrovich Botkin


G. Botmann


Giuseppe Bottani


Nicole Bottet


Sandro Botticelli


Francesco Botticini


C. Bottigella


George Bottini


John William Bottomley


Edme Bouchardon


Prudent Léon Bouchaud


François Boucher


Louis Bouchet


Henri Bouchet-Doumeng


François Bouchot


Louis Bouchot


Pierre Boucle


Jacques le Boucq


Adrien Boudewyns


P. Boudewyns


Edouard Louis Boudier


Eugène Boudin


Samuel Bough


George Henry Boughton


Elizabeth Jane Gardner Bouguereau


William Adolphe Bouguereau


Etienne Bouhot


Michel de Bouillon


Pierre Bouillon


Gustave Clarence Rodolphe Boulanger


Louis Boulanger


Auguste Boulard


Marie Genevieve Bouliard


Louis I de Boullogne the Elder


Louis II de Boullogne the Younger


Louis de Boullongne


Bon de Boulogne


Valentin de Boulogne


Boulogne the Younger


Francis Cecil Boult


John Boultbee


Johann Bouman


Michel Honoré Bounieu


Jean Bourdichon


Frank Wright Bourdillon


Michel Bourdin


Sébastien Bourdon


Gustave Bourgain


Charles Guillaume Alexandre Bourgeois


Eugène Bourgeois


Sir Francis Bourgeois


Pierre Bourgogne


Marie Desiré Bourgoin


Claude Charles Bourgonnier


James E. Bourhill


James Bourne


Samuel Bourne


Eugene Bourrelier


Marc Théodore Bourrit


Esaias Boursse


Pieter Bout


Friedrich Bouterwek


Charles Edouard Boutibonne


Paul Emile Boutigny


Charles Marie Bouton


Aelbert Bouts


Pieter Bouts


Dieric Bouts the Elder


Jakob Bouttats


Augustus Jules Bouvier


Joseph Bouvier


Jules I Bouvier the Elder


Cornelius Bouwmeester


Gaston Bouy


Andre Bouys


André Bouys


Anne Bowen


Ashley Bowen


Edward Bower


Josephine Bowes


Jane Maria Bowkett


Thomas Bowles


Robert Bowyer


Peter Boy


George Price Boyce


Alexander Stuart Boyd


Pierre Boye


Eleanor Vere Boyle


Thomas Shotter Boys


Antoine Boyzot


Honore Boze


Honoré Boze


Joseph Boze


Nikola Bozidarovic


Théophile François Marcel Bra


Hercules Brabazon


Richard Brackenburgh


Marie Bracquemond


William Bradford


Basil Bradley


John Bradley


Mary Bradley


William Bradley


T. Bradshaw


Peter Bradtke


Mary C. Brady


Adrien Ferdinand de Braekeleer


Ferdinand de Braekeleer


William de Brailes


Anton Braith


Tom Brakefield


Richard Brakenburgh


Donato Bramante


G. Bramati


Leonard Bramer


Frank Bramley


Alfred Henri Bramtot


Carlo Brancaccio


John Brandard


Robert Brandard


Antonietta Brandeis


F.A. Brandel


Hans Heinrich Jürgen Brandes


Domenico Brandi


Giacinto Brandi


Gregorius Brandmüller


Gerhar Brandner


Jozef von Brandt


J. F. Branegan


Philip Brannon


Charles Branwhite


Charles Brooke Branwhite


Louis Braquaval


Georges Braque


Josef Emmanuelowitsch Bras


Hans Ole Brasen


Gilbert Brassai


Melchior Brassauw


Bill Brauer


Gerti K. Bräuer


Louis Braun


Reinhold Braun


Caroline Bray


Dirck de Bray


Jan de Bray


Joseph de Bray


Salomon de Bray


Osip Emmanuilovich Braz


Ludovico Brea


Mary Louise Breakell


William A. Breakspeare


Alfred de Breanski


Gustave de Breanski


Al Bert Breaute


Karsten Breckwoldt


Alexander van Bredael


Josef van  Bredael


Joseph van Bredael


Karel Bredael


Peeter van Bredael


Jan Peter II van Bredael the Younger


Ferdinand Max Bredt


Mathieu Ignace van Bree


Philipe Jacques van Bree


Adam van Breen


Bartholomeus Breenbergh


Andrea da Milano Bregno


Marquise de Brehan


Georg Hendrik Breitner


Elfriede Breitwieser


Theodor Breitwieser


Joos van der Breke


Quirin G. van  Brekelenkam


Quiringh Gerritsz van Brekelenkam


Auguste de la Brely


Meyer von Bremen


Albert Heinrich Brendel


Thorald Brendstrup


Nicolas Guy Brenet


Vincenzo Brenna


Michael Brennan


Michael George Brennan


Friedrich Brentel


Moretto da  Brescia


Rodolphe Bresdin


Marie Louise Breslau


Thomas W. Bretland


Emile Adelard Breton


Jules Breton


Louis le Breton


Daniel II Bretschneider the Younger


John Brett


Rosa Brett


Jörg Breu


John Ernest Breun


James Renwick Brevoort


Edward Frederick Brewtnall


Michael Brey


Karel Breydel


Charles Brias


Alfred Thompson Bricher


Frederick Lee Bridell


John Bridges


Frederick Arthur Bridgman


Bernaert de Bridt


Oswald Walter Brierly


Henry Perronet Briggs


Harry Bright


William Bright


G.M. Brighty


Paul Bril


Erik Brin


Philipp Hieronymus Brinckmann


Jean Brindesi


Charles A. Brindley


Gustave Brion


John Bristol


Edmund Bristow


Charles Edward Brittan


William Britton


Leinhart von Brixen


Alexandr Pawlowitsch Brjullow


Samuel Frederick Brocas


Sir Thomas Brock


William Brockedon


Theo van Brockhusen


Rev. John Wilfrid Royds Brocklebank


Charles Frederick de Brocktorff


Károly Brocky


Jozef Brodowski


Isaak Israilevich Brodsky


Sandor Brodszky


Clemence van den Broeck


Elias van den Broeck


Willem van den Broecke


Melchoir Broederlam


Eugene Broerman


Henry Brokman-Knudsen


Ferdinand Maximilian Brokof


William I Bromley


William II Bromley


William III Bromley


Richard Brompton


Jan Gerritsz van Bronckhorst


Johannes Bronckhorst


Feodor Andrejeitsch Bronnikov


Charlotte Bronte


Agnolo Bronzino


Francis Brook


E. Adveno Brooke


Catherine P. Brooker


Warwick Brookes


Charles Brooking


Henry Jamyn Brooks


Thomas Brooks


George Brookshaw


Jane Brookshaw


Hans Brosamer


Marie Renée Geneviève Brossard de  Beaulieu


Salomon de Brosse


Pierre Andre Brouillet


Adriaen Brouwer


Albertus D. O. Browere


Alexander Kellock Brown


Alice Brown


Charles Brown


Charles Porter Brown


David Brown


Edward Archibald Brown


Ford Madox Brown


George Loring Brown


Hayley Brown


John George Brown


John Lewis Brown


Joseph Brown


Mannevillette Elihu Dearing Brown


Mather Brown


Mia Arnesby Brown


Peter Brown


R.G. Brown


Thomas Austen Brown


William Brown


William Fulton Brown


Hablot Knight Browne


Henriette Browne


T. R. Browne


Charles de Wolfe Brownell


Emma Brownlow


G. Washington Brownlow


Jennie Augusta Brownscombe


Wenzel von Brozik


Wilhelm Brücke


Abraham Brueghel


Ambrosius Brueghel


G. Brueghel


Jan I Brueghel the Elder known as de Velours - of Velvet


Jan II Brueghel the Younger


Pieter I Brueghel the Elder


Pieter I Bruegel the Elder


Pieter II Brueghel the Younger known as of Hell


Pieter III Brueghel


Antonio de Brugada


Ricardo Brugada y Panizo


Jens Brüggemann


Hendrick ter Brugghen


Adam van der Brun


Charles le Brun


Gaston Brun


Louis le Brun


Louis Auguste Brun de Versoix


Augustin Brunais


Adolphe Brune


Christian Brune


Agostino Brunias


Emile Henri Brunner-Lacoste


Girolamo Brusaferro


Domenico Brusasorci


Paul Theodor van Brussel


Ferdinand Martin Cordt Brütt


Marc Laurent Bruyas


Antoine de Bruycker


A. Bruyere


Bartholomaeus Bruyn


Johannes Cornelis Bruyn


Theodore de Bruyn


Bartholomäus Bruyn the Elder


Stefano Bruzzi


Theodore de Bry


Henry Charles Bryant


Joshua Bryant


Cornelis de Bryer


Robert M. Bryson


Aleksandr Pavlovich Bryullov


Karl Pavlovich Bryullov


Pavel Aleksandrovich Bryullov


Alexander Buchan


J.A. Buchanan


Josef Büche


Victor Buchereau


Heinrich Buchholtz


Heinrich Buchholz


Karl Buchholz


Ludwig Buchhorn


Pierre-Joseph Buchoz


Frank Buchser


Adam Buck


Frederick Buck


Lucy M. Buck


Alic Buckingham


Arthur Herbert Buckland


John Buckler


John Chessell Buckler


William Buckler


George Buckley


J. E. Buckley


Edwin Buckman


F. P. Bucknall


Richard Buckner


Gustav Jakovlevich Budkovsky


Joachim Bueckelaer


Joachim Bueckelaer


Jan Jansz van Buesem


Georges de Buffon


Giuliano Bugiardini


Benedetto Buglioni


A. Bugreyev


Félix Hilaire Buhot


J. Buiterveld


Jean Eugène Buland


Bartolommeo Bulgarini


Knud Geelmuyden Bull


Kamyl Bullaudy


George Lawrence Bulleid


Joh. Balthasar Bullinger the Elder


Henry Herbert Bulman


Henry William Bunbury


Jess Bundsen


Edgar Bundy


François Bunel


Marguerite Bunel


Denis Miller Bunker


John Wharlton Bunney


William B. Bunney


Heinrich Buntzen


Segna di Buonaventura


Giovanni Buonconsiglio


Bernardo Buontalenti


Richard Burchett


Ludwig Burckhardt


Lee Burd


Paul Bürde


Anton Burger


Hendrieus Jacobus Burgers


William Burges


Henry William Burgess


John Burgess


John-Bagnold Burgess


Hendrik van der Burgh


Annelies Bürgin


Hans Burgkmair tghe Elder


Max Buri


Johann Gottfried Buring


Giovanni Antonio Burino


Heinrich Burkel


Heinrich Bürkel


Georg Burmester


Eugène Burnand


Philip Burne-Jones


Sir Edward Burne-Jones


Benjamin Burnell


James M. Burnet


John Burnet


Sir John Burnett


William H. Burnett


Edward Francis Burney


Peter Burnitz


Alexander Hohenlohe Burr


John Burr


James Burrell-Smith


Giovanni Antonio Burrini


Henry Bryson Burroughs


Charles Thomas Burt


Arthur P Burton


Charles Burton


Rebecca Burton


Sir Frederick William Burton


William Paton Burton


William Shakespeare Burton


Friedrich Bury


Mrs Edward Bury


Friedrich Busch


Wilhelm Busch


Norton Bush


Yosa Buson


Federi Busonero


Robert William Buss


Joseph E. van den Bussche


Reuben Bussey


Giacomo Bussi


Gaston Bussière


Mary Bussing


Hermenegildo Bustos


Lodovico Buti


Ulysse Louis Auguste Butin


B. Butinone


Charles Ernest Butler


Gaspar Butler


John Butler


Lady Butler


Mary E. Butler


Butler of Pall Mall


Peter Butschkow


William Butterfield


Giovan Maria Butteri


James E. Buttersworth


Thomas Buttersworth


Charles Buttery


G. Hans Buttner


Abraham-Louis Buvelot


Cornelis Bernudes Buys


Jacobus Buys


Willem Pietersz Buytewech


Nikolai Mikhailovich Bykovsky


Jan van Bylaert


A. de Bylandt


Jan van Bylert


Jacques Byliveldt


Robert Byng


Anne Frances Byrne


John Byrne


Johann Rudolf Byss


Camille-Leopold Cabaillot


Alexandre Cabanel


Guillaume Alphonse Cabasson


Louis Cabat


Adrian van der Cabel


Arentsz van der Cabel


Miguel Cabera


Juan Martin Cabezalero


Vincenzo Cabianca


Antonio Cabral Bejarano


Juan Cabral Bejarano


Manuel Cabral y Aguado Bejarano


Miguel Cabrera


Tomas Cabrera


Victor Caccidrelli


Richard Caddick


James Cadenhead


Giuseppe Cades


Jean Baptiste Antoine Cadet de Beaupré


Lady Honoria Cadogan


C. Cafferty


Ippolito Caffi


Margarita Caffi


T. Caffi


Hector Caffieri


Jean Jacques Caffieri


Walter Wallor Caffyn


Guido Cagnacci


Léon Emile Caille


Gustave Caillebotte


Frederic Cailliaud


Georges Jules Auguste Cain


John Cairns


Francesco del Cairo


Alexandre Calame


Jan Stephen Calcar


Randolph Caldecott


Philip Hermogenes Calderon


Giuseppe Caletti


Benedetto Caliari


Gabriele Caliari


Mary Calkins


Jan I van Call


Charles Antoine Callamard


Adam Callander


Sir Augustus Wall Callcott


Antoine François Callet


Antoine François von Callet


Claude Callot


Jacques Callot


John Callow


William Callow


Baldomero  Calopre y Gimenez


Abraham van Calraet


Adolphe Félix Cals


Claude Andrew Calthrop


Denis Calvaert


Dionisio Calvaert


Charles Calvert


Edward Calvert


Frederick Calvert


Henry Calvert


Rosemar Calvert


Nicolino Calyo


Don Simone Camaldolese


F. Camaret


José Camaron


Luca Cambiaso


Adam Camerarius


Hugh Cameron


Mary Cameron


Maxine R. Cameron


Alexandre François Caminade


David Camisasca


Giuseppe Cammarano


George Cammidge


Nicolas Cammillieri


Maxime du Camp


James Campbell


John Henry Campbell


Damian Buenaventura Campeny y Estrany


George Campfield


Wilhelm Camphausen


Govert Dircksz Camphuysen


Rafel Govertsz Camphuysen


Bernardino Campi


Giulio Campi


Vincenzo Campi


Michelangelo di Campidoglio


Robert Campin


George Bryant Campion


Bonino da Campione


Federico del Campo


Pietro Camporesi


Henry Campotosto


Johannes Ludwig Camradt


Vincenzo Camuccini


Giovanni Antonio Canal dit Canaletto




Ricardo Canals y Llambi


Giuseppe Canart


Guiseppe Canella


Guido Canlassi


Niccolo Cannicci


Jean Baptiste Philippe Cannissie


Alonso Cano


Eduardo Javier Ramón Cano de la Peña


Hans Canon


Antonio Canova


Simone Cantarini


Domenico Maria Canuti


August Canzi


Constant Aimé Marie Cap


Cornell Capa


Puccio Capanna


Jan van de Capelle


Mauro Capelli


Marie Gabrielle Capet


Vitorio Capobianchi


Paolo Caponi


Bartolomeo Caporali


Jan van de Cappelle


Domenico Capriolo


Jacques François Carabain


François Rupert Carabin


Giovan Battista Caracciolo


Armand Charles Caraffe


Joseph Caraud


Cecco de Caravaggio


Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio


Louis Caravaque


Luis de Carbajal


Jean Baptiste Prudent Carbillet


Xavie Carbonell


Giovanni Bernardo Carboni


Filippo Carcano


Juan Cardenas


Valentín Carderera y Solano


Ludovico Cardi  alias Il Cigoli


Lodovico Cardi da Cigoli


Claude Cardon


Bartolomeo Carduccio


Vicente Carducho


Consalvo Carelli


Gabriel Carelli


Giuseppe Carelli


Jacques Philippe Caresme


Giovanni Cariani


Adolf Carl


Luca Carlevarijs


Luca Carlevaris


Stephen Briggs Carlil


Etienne-Constant Carlin


George Carline


Giulio Carlini


William Tolman Carlton


James Wilson Carmichael


Johann Herman Carmiencke


Antonio Carneo


Dennis Carney


Antonio Carnicero


Henry Caro-Delvaille


Jean Carolus


Emile Auguste Carolus-Duran


Antoine Caron


Caroline Caron


Angelo Caroselli


Vittore Carpaccio


Jean Baptiste Carpeaux


Francis Bicknell Carpenter


John Carpenter


Margaret Sarah Carpenter


Evariste Carpentier


Paul Carpentier


Adrien Carpentiers


C. Carpi


Girolamo da Carpi


Carl Carpintero


Giulio Carpioni


Agostino Carracci


Annibale Carracci


Lodovico Carracci


Baldassare di Matteo Carrari


Michiel Carre


Franciscus Carree


Juan Carreno de Miranda


Jacques Carrey


John Mulcaster Carrick


Rosalba Giovanna Carriera


Albert-Ernest Carrier-Belleuse


Louis Robert Carrier-Belleuse


Pierre Carrier-Belleuse


Eugène Carrière


Pierre Carrière-Belleuse


Jean Joseph Marie Carries


Dora Carrington


James Yates Carrington


Asmus Jakob Carstens


Jean Baptiste François Carteaux


Jérôme Cartellier


Pierre Cartellier


Brad Carter


Frank Thomas Carter


George Carter


Henry Barlow Carter


Henry William Carter


Hugh Carter


John Carter


Max Carter


Samuel John Carter


George Cartlidge


Joseph Cartwright


Julia Cartwright


Lili Cartwright


Carl Gustav Carus


William de la Montagne Cary


José Casado del Alisal


Andrea Casali


Francesco Giuseppe Casanova


Antonio Casanova y Estorach


Renato Casaro


Santiago Casas


Francesco Casella


William Linnaeus Casey


Edward Cashin


John William Casilear


Vittorio Casini


Alessandro di Agostino Casolani


Niccolo Cassana


Louis Cassas


Louis François Cassas


Mary Cassatt


Andrea del Castagno


Pierre Jean Edmond Castan


Pauwel Casteels


Pieter Casteels


Pieter II Casteels


José Castelaro y Perea


Manuel Castellano


Bernardino Castelli


Giovan lo Spadino Castelli


Felix Castello


Giovanni B. Castello


Valerio Castello


Marta Castells


Alexandre Eugène Castelnau


Claudio Castelucho


Giovanni Benedetto Castiglione


Giovanni Francesco Castiglione


Giuseppe Castiglione


Antonio Castillo


Antonio del Castillo


J. Castillo


Casimior Castro


Gil de Castro


Leonardo Antonio de Castro


Nicolas de Castro


Luigi Catani


Stefano Catani


Franz Ludwig Catel


Vincenzo di Biagio Catena


Veneziano Caterino


Mark Catesby


Frederick Catherwood


Pasquale Cati


George Catlin


Charles Cattermole


George Cattermole


Richard Cattermole


Eugène Henri Cauchois


Sigismondo Caula


Louis de Caulery


Harry Caunce


Isaac de Caus


G. S. Cautley


Horace Henry Cauty


Leon Cauvy


Gian Marco Cavalli


Pietro Cavallini


Bernardo Cavallino


Mirabello Cavalori


Antonio Cavalucci


Benedetto Cavalucci


Bartolomeo Cavarrozzi


Paolo Morando Cavazzola


Peter le Cave


Giacomo Cavedone


Giacomo Cavedoni


Pierre Jules Cavelier


John Scott Cavell


John Cawse


Eugenio Caxes


Neville Henry Peniston Cayley


Sylvai Cazenave


Pierre Jacques Cazes


Jean Baptiste Louis Cazin


Jean Charles Cazin


Naddo Ceccarelli


Sebastiano Ceccarini


Adriano Cecioni


Gustaf Olaf Cederstrom


Ture Nikolaus Cederstrom


Andrea Cefaly


Olivia Célest


Irene Celic


Giulian Censini


Cristian Ceppas


Carlo Ceresa


Mateo Cerezo


Michelangelo Cerquozzi


Giovanni D. Cerrini


Lorenzo Cerrini


Giacomo Ceruti


Giuseppe Cesare


Cesare di Lorenzo Cesariano


Giovanni Battista Cesarini


Achille Théodore Cesbron


Paul Cézanne


Frank Cezus


Joseph Chabord


Charles Raymond Chabrillac


Marc Chagall


Narcisse Chaillou


Jean Chalette


George Paul Chalmers


John Chalmers


Alfred Edward Chalon


Henry Bernard Chalon


John James Chalon


Louis Chalon


Mason Chamberlain


General John Chamberlayne


Sir William Chambers


Thomas Chambers


George I  Chambers the Elder


George II  Chambers the Younger


Jean Baptiste de Champaigne


Philippe de Champaigne


Jean Jacques Champin


Charles Emile Callande de Champmartin


James Wells Champney


Dip Chand


Winthrop Chandler


Aaron Chang


Francis Legatt Chantrey


Alexandre Jacques Chantron


Eugène Chaperon


Nicolas Chaperon


Philippe Marie Chaperon


Conrad Wise Chapman


John Gadsby Chapman


John Linton Chapman


John Watkins Chapman


R.W. Chapman


Alonzo Chappel


Ron Chapple


Jean Martin Charcot


Jean Siméon Chardin known as Jean Baptiste Chardin


Martina Chardin


Alexej Alexejew Charlamoff


Eduard Charlemont


James Charles


Justin Charles


Frantz Charlet


Nicolas Toussaint Charlet


John Charlton


Alexandre Charpentier


Auguste Charpentier


Eugène Charpentier


Jean Baptiste Charpentier the Elder


Victor Charreton


Ernesto Charton


Theobald Chartran


Darian Chase


John Chase


Marian Emma Chase


William Merrit Chase


Ilya Grigorevich Chashnik


Théodore Chassériau


Charles Chastelain


Claude Louis Chatelet


Nicholas Ambroise Chatelin


Auguste de Châtillon


Charles de Châtillon


Antoine Denis Chaudet


François Chauveau


Alfred Chavannes


José de Chavez y Artiz


Antoine Chazal


Ulpiano Checa y Sanz


John Cheere


Talant Chekirov


Jan van Chelminski


Jozef Chelmonski


Augustin Pierre Chenu


Jules Chéret


Grigori Grigor'evich Chernetsov


Nikanor Grigor'evich Chernetsov


Andrei Ivanovich Chernyi


Elisabeth Sophie Cheron


Louis Cheron


Alexina Cherpin


Kathryn Cherry


Andrea Cherubini


Paul Chesley


Elizabeth M. Chettle


Nicolas Chevalier


V. Chevilliard


Lilian Cheviot


Luigi Chialiva


Giuseppe Chiantarelli


Giuseppe Bartolomeo Chiari


Georges Chicotot


Gaetano Chierici


Joseph Chiesa


Matteo Chiesa


François Nicolas Chifflard


James Warren Childe


Milly Childers


George Childes


Vincenzo Chilone


Joseph Chinard


George Chinnery


Antoine Chintreuil


Viorel Chirea


Alexander Chisholm


Stanislav Chlebovsky


Charles Chocarne-Moreau


Daniel Nikolaus Chodowiecki


Ludwig Choris


Gerard Chowne


Félix Chrétien


James Elder Christie


Carl Ludwig Christinek


Anton Christoffel


Steph Christoph


Petrus Christus


Iwan Chrutsky


Wassilij Grigorievitch Chudjakow


Wassilij Chudojarov


Frederic Edwin Church


Sir Arthur Herbert Church


Mary Churchill


Thomas Churchyard


Alberto de Churriguera


Joaquin de Churriguera


Agostino Ciampelli


Nicola Cianfanelli


Cesare Ciani


Emma Ciardi


Guglielmo Ciardi


Baccio Ciarpi


Edouard Cibot


Eugène Ciceri


Giovanni Battista Ciceri


Carlo Cignani


Gianbettino Cignaroli


Scipione Cignaroli


Vittorio Amadeo Cignaroli


Ludovico Cardi Cigoli


Giovanni Battista Cima da Conegliano


Giovanni Cimabue


Gianbattista Cimaroli


Romulo Cincinnato


Michelangelo Cinganelli


David Cintract


Antonio Ciocchi


Antonio Cioci


Giammaria Cioci


Valerio di Simone Cioli


Jacopo di Cione


Fabio Cipolla


Giacomo Francesco Cipper


Giovanni Battista Cipriani


Niccolo Circignano


Antonio Ciseri


Henderson Cisz


Pier Francesco Cittadini


Ellen Clacy


Anthuenis Claeissens


Antoon Claeissens


Pieter I Claeissens the Elder


Pieter II Claeissens the Younger


Anthuenis Claeissins


Aert Claes


Anthony I Claesz


Pieter Claesz


Jacques de Claeuw


Georges Clairin


Charles Othon Claraz


George Clare


Oliver Clare


Vincent Clare


Claude Clark


Frederick Albert Clark


I. Clark


John Heaviside Clark


Joseph Clark


Joseph Benwell Clark


Sidney Clark


William Clark


Henry Clarke


Polly Clarke


Sir Caspar Purdon Clarke


William Hanna Clarke


Eugène Claude


Jean Maxime Claude


Emile Claus


Frederick Rushbrook Clause


Sir George Clausen


Adelaide Claxton


Marshall Claxton


Alfred Barron Clay


L.C. Clay


Paul Jean Clays


John Richard Clayton


Joseph Hughes Clayton


Thomas le Clear


Henri Cleenewerck


Aline Clément


Maria Giovanna Battista Clementi


Robert Cleminson


Luke Clennell


Jacques Sebastien le Clerc


Sébastien I le Clerc


Sébastien II le Clerc


D. van Clerck


Hendrick de Clerck


Hendrik de Clerck


Charles Louis Clérisseau


Andien de Clermont


Jean François Clermont


Jean Baptiste Auguste Clesinger


Jean Henri Cless


Corneille van Cleve


Cornelis van Cleve


Joos van Cleve


Joos van Cleve


Maerten van Cleve


Marten van Cleve


Hendrick I van Cleve


Hendrick II van Cleve


Hendrick III van Cleve


Lucy Cleveland


Robert Cleveley


John Cleveley the Elder


John Cleveley the Younger


Edward Clifford


Edward Charles Clifford


John Skinner Clifton


Alfred Clint


George Clint


Claude Michel Clodion


Michael Konstantinow Clodt


James Goodwin Clonney


Johann Closterman


François Clouet


Jean Clouet the Younger


Joseph Clover


Giorgio Giulio Clovio


François Auguste Didier Clovis


Daniel Clowes


George James Coates


Edward John Cobbett


John Edward Cobbett


Louis Coblitz


Sigismondo Coccapani


Louise Cochelet


Leon Mathieu Cochereau


Charles Nicolas II Cochin


Louise Madelaine Cochin


Jan Wellens de Cock


Edwin Cockburn


Charles Robert Cockerell


Frederick Pepys Cockerell


Jean Baptiste Bernard Coclers


Ellen M. Cocose


M. Codazzi


Viviano Codazzi


Pieter Codde


Samuel Codes


Mauro Coducci


Wenzel Coebergher


Pieter Coecke van Aelst


Jan Coelenbier


Claudio Coello


Dennis Coello


Charles Coene


Constantinus Fidelio Coene


Jean Baptiste Coene


Charles Alexandre Coessin de la Fosse


Marcellus Coffermans


Stuart Coffield


Leon Cogniet


Georges F. Cohen


Louis Coignard


Christia Coigny


Alfred Sacheverell Coke


David Col


Niccolo Antonio Colantonio


George Vicat Cole


James Cole


Jan David Cole


Sir Henry Cole


Thomas Cole


Robert H. Colebrooke


Louisa Ann Coleman


Samuel Coleman


William Stephen Coleman


Louise Colette


F. Coli


Coter de Colijn


Alexandre Colin


Gerard Philippe Colin


Gustave Colin


Uranie Colin-Libour


Samuel David Colkett


Francisco Collantes


Emily A. G. Colles


John Collet


Antonio Colli


Tom Collicott


Edwaert Collier


Evert Collier


John Collier


Thomas Collier


Thomas Frederick Collier


Louis Joseph Raphael Collin


Hyacinthe Collin de Vermont


William Collingwood


William Gersham Collingwood


William Harding Collingwood-Smith


Charles Collins


Charles Alston Collins


Hugh Collins


Martha Collins


William Collins


James Collinson


Robert Collinson


Marie Anne Collot


Samuel Colman


David von Coln


Jean Colombe


Michel Colombe


Nicolas Colombel


Adam Colonia


Agostino Colonna


J. Colson


Jean François Colson


Edwaert Colyer


Joyce Combs


Léon François Comerre


Jacqueline Comerre-Paton


C. Comijn


Gerold Como


Domenico Compagni


Scipione Compagno


Jan ten Compe


Jan ten Compe


François Claudius Compte-Calix


Charles Compton


Edward Theodore Compton


Sebastiano Conca


Luigi Conconi


Charles Edward Conder


Nicholas Condy


Nicholas Matthews Condy


Gillis Congnet


Salomon de Coninch


Kerstiaen de Coninck


Pierre Louis de Coninck


Jan II van Coninxloo


Gillis I van Coninxloo


Gillis II van Coninxloo


Gillis III van Coninxloo


Ellen Conolly


Jane Bennett Constable


John Constable


Lionel Bicknell Constable


Benjamin Constant


Abraham Constantin


Giovanni Contarini


Jacopino del Conte


Meiffren Conte


Bernardino de Conti


Tito Conti


Matilda Conyers


J. Cook


Theodore Flavel Cook


Edward William Cooke


George Cooke


Margaret Murray Cookesley


Jan Damen Cool


Pierre Oliver Joseph Coomans


Abraham Cooper


Bill Cooper


Duncan Cooper


Edwin Cooper


F. R. Cooper


Michael Cooper


Samuel Cooper


Thomas George Cooper


Thomas Sidney Cooper


W. Savage Cooper


William Sidney Cooper


Hendrik Frans de Coort


Adrian Coorte


Alexander Coosemans


Charles West Cope


John Singleton Copley


Omer Coppens


Jacopo Coppi


Harold Copping


Carlo Coppola


Théodore Charles Ange Coquelin


Gonzales Coques


Edith Ridley Corbet


Matthew Ridley Corbet


Wendy Corbett


Alfred Corbould


Alfred Chantrey Corbould


Edward Henry Corbould


Massimiliano Corcos


Vittorio Matteo Corcos


Emilian Cordaro


William Corden the Elder


Johannes Cordes


Charles Henri Joseph Cordier


John Cordrey


Lovis Corinth


A. Corio


Fernand Cormon


Michele Felice Corne


Michel Corneille


Michel des Gobelins Corneille


Jacob Cornelisz


Joost Cornelisz


Cornelis Cornelisz van Haarlem


Jakob Cornelisz


Peter von Cornelius


Alphonse Cornet


V. Cornis


Paul Cornoyer


Jean-Baptiste Camille Corot


Francesco Corradi


Antonio Corradini


Giovanni di Corraduccio


Juan Correa


Juan Correa de Vivar


Alexandre Correard


Antonio Allegri Correggio


Hermann David Salomon Corrodi


Edouard Jules Corroyer


Santo Corsi


Hendrik Frans de Cort


Fil della Corte


Juan de la Corte


Pietro Berrettini da Cortona


Pietro da Cortona


Domenico Corvi


Hans Corvus


Francesco del Coscia


Jeronimo Cosida y Ballejo


Piero di Cosimo


Demetrio Cosola


Francesco del Cossa


Jan Cossiers


Angelo Maria Costa


Anton Costa


Antonio Costa


John da Costa


Lorenzo Costa


Oreste Costa


Giuseppe Costantini


Placido Costanzi


Adam de Coster


Jan Coster


Maria Hadfield Cosway


Richard Cosway


Pierre Auguste Cot


Colijn de Coter


Francis Cotes


Frederick Georges Cotman


John Joseph Cotman


John Sell Cotman


Miles Edmund Cotman


Luiz Coto


Jules Cotte


Charles Cottet


Pierre Felix Cottrau


Gustave Coubert


Charles Louis Fredy de Coubertin


Auguste Couder


François Coudray


Martin Coulaud


Horatio Henry Couldery


Jean de Coulom


Louis Coulon


Chrystelle Coupat


Janus la Cour


Gustave Courbet


Alexandre Couronne


Jean de Court


Joseph Désiré Court


N. de Courtaille


Louis Courtat


Brigitte Courté


Nicolas de Courteille


Pierre Courtillon


Jacques François Courtin


Guillaume Courtois


Jacques Courtois


C. Courtois d'Hurbal


Henri Courvoisier-Voisin


Eanger Irving Couse


Jean I Cousin the Elder


Jean II Cousins the Younger


Guillaume I Coustou


Nicolas Coustou


Lucie Cousturier


Amable Paul Coutan


Thomas Couture


Philibert Léon Couturier


Ferdinand Wilhelm von Couven


Robert McGowan Coventry


Reinier Coveyn


Reynier Coveyn


Reinier Covyn


Reynier Covyn


Lionel J. Cowen


William Cowen


Daniel J. Cox


David I Cox the Elder


David II Cox the Younger


Michiel Coxcie


Jan-Anthonie Coxie


Michiel I Coxie


Antoine Coypel


Charles Antoine Coypel


Antoine Coysevox


Alexander Cozens


John Robert Cozens


Giudoccio di Giovanni Cozzarelli


Frederick Swartwout Cozzens


Marmaduke Craddock


Laurens Craen


Joos van Craesbeeck


Percy Robert Craft


William Hopkins Craft


Andrew Craig


Frank Craig


William Marshall Craig


Lucas I Cranach the Elder


Lucas II Cranach the Younger


John Cranch


E. Crane


Thomas Crane


Walter Crane


Charles Cranmer


Louis Amable Crapelet


Emily Crawford


Robert Crawford


William Crawford


Joseph Crawhall


Gaspard de Crayer


Carel Jacob Crec


Lorenzo di Credi


Tranquillo Cremona


Louis Philippe Crépin


Giovan Filippo Crescuolo


Daniele Crespi


Giovanni Battista Crespi


P. Crespi


Giuseppe  Crespi lo Spagnuolo


Georges Cresson


Domenico Cresti


Thomas Creswick


Donato Creti


Helen Cridland


Joshua Cristall


Giovani di Bartolo Cristiani


Francesco di Cristofano


Pierto di Cristoforo Vanucci


Heinrich Cristoph


John I de Critz the Elder


John II de Critz the Younger


Carlo Crivelli


Vittore Crivelli


S. Croad


Johann Nepomuk della Croce


Simone de Crocefissi


Georges Croegaert


Arthur Croft


Ernest Crofts


Charles Crombie


John Crome


R. Crome


Thomas Hartley Cromek


Jasper Francis Cropsey


Henri Cros


William Crosby


Henri Edmond Cross


Lewis Cross


Richard Crosse


John Michael Crossland


Fletch Crossman


P. Crosthwaite


Eyre Crowe


John Crowther


Ambroise Crozat


Maud Cruffwell


Frederic Cruikshank


George Cruikshank


Isaac Cruikshank


Isaac Robert Cruikshank


William Cruikshank


Lieutentant Charles Wade Crump


Cornelis Cruys


Manuel de la Cruz y Cano


Tivadar Csontváry-Kosztka


George I Cuitt


Alma Claude Burlton Cull


Isaac Cullen


Johan Mengels Culverhouse


Ian Cumming


Will Cummingham


Conradyn Cunaeus


David Cunliffe


C. Cunningham


Louise Cunningham


James Curnock


James Jackson Curnock


Francesco Curradi


Fanny W. Currey


J. D. Curtis


William Curtis


Mary Henrietta Curtois


Paul Alfred de Curzon


Michele Cusa


José Cusachs y Cusachs


Gaetano Cusati


Franz Cusaude


Arthur Cust


Marquise de Custine Sabran


Hieronymus Custodis


France Cusumano


Vicente Cutanda y Toraya


Cecil Cutler


Hippolyte Joseph Cuvelier


Abraham van Cuylenborch


Cornelis van Cuylenburg


Aelbert Cuyp


Albert Cuyp


Benjamin Gerritsz Cuyp


Jacob Cuyp


Diderick Herman Cuypers


Ladislaw von Czachorski


József Czauczik


Jean Czenz


Franz Czermak


Laurent Dabos


Frank Dadd


Richard Dadd


Bernardo Daddi


Jan Frans van Dael


Isidore Dagnan


Pascal A. J. Dagnan-Bouveret


Françoise-Reine Dagois


Louis Jacques Mande Daguerre


Carl Dahl


Johan Christian Clausen Dahl


Michael Dahl


Reiner Dahlen


Gerolamo dai Libri


Elliott Daingerfield


Richard Daintree


Paul Dalaroche


Eduardo Dalbono


David of York Dalby


John Dalby


Joshua Dalby


John Dalby of York


R. Dale


Jan van Dalen


Salvador Dali


Salvador Dalí


Nicolaj Thomas Dall


Aimé Jules Dalou


Michele Damaskinos


Ricky Damen


Louis Damesme


Vincenzo Damini


Giovanni B. Damon-Ortolani


Pierre Emmanuel Damoye


J. J. M. Damschroeder


Francis Danby


George Dance


Nathaniel Dance Holland


Bea Danckaert


Hendrick Danckerts


P. Danckerts


Cesare Dandini


Ottaviano Dandini


Pietro Dandini


Michel François Dandre-Bardon


Bartholomew Dandridge


Gottfried Danhauer


Joseph Danhauser


Abraham Daniel


Edward Thomas Daniell


Samuel Daniell


Thomas Daniell


William Daniell


Andries Daniels


F. Daniels


Matthew Daniels


Mikhail Vassilievich Danilov


Pietro Danini


Edward Thompson Danis


Henri Pierre Danloux


Léon Marie Constant Dansaert


Edouard-Joseph Dantan


Egnazio Danti


Vincenzo Danti


Victor Marie Félix Danvin


Joseph Friedrerik August Darbés


Step Darbishire


Drew Darcy


Robert Guillaume Dardel


Léon Dardenne


Jacques Daret


Jean Daret


Paul Joseph Victor Dargaud


André Henri Dargelas


Jean Edouard Dargent


Alfred Henri Darjou


Bishn Das


Maxime Dastugue


Johann Georg Dathan


Charles François Daubigny


Karl Pierre Daubigny


Honoré Daumier


David Dauncey


Alain Daussin


Adrien Dauzats


Antonio David


Ashley David


Gérard David


Jacques Louis David


Pierre Jean David d'Angers


Germain David-Nillet


R. W. Davids


Allan Douglas Davidson


Charles Grant Davidson


Thomas Davidson


Arthur Bowen Davies


Ben Davies


E.T. Davies


Holly Davies


Norman Prescott Davies


Thomas Davies


Cesarine Davin


Arthur Alfred Davis


Charles Harold Davis


Edward Thompson Davis


Frederick William Davis


Henry William Banks Davis


John Davis


John Scarlett Davis


Joseph Hilliard Davis


Kathleen Davis


L. Davis


Richard Barrett Davis


Samuel Davis


Stuart G. Davis


Tim Davis


Valentine Davis


William M. Davis


Albert Pierre Dawant


George Dawe


Alfred Dawson


Henry Dawson


Robert Dawson


Carl Daxl


W. Percy Day


Edward Dayes


Juan Antonio de Frías y Escalante


Lajos Deak Ebner


Peter Deakin


Edward Deanes


Paolo Andrea Deangelis


Charles Deas


William Deas


Charles Alexandre Debacq


Edouard Debat-Ponsan


Edouard Bernard  Debat-Ponsan


Alexandre Debelle


Charles Random DeBerenger


François Hippolyte Debon


René Charles Louise Debreaux


Jean Baptiste Debret


Philibert-Louis Debucourt


Henri Decaisne


Alexandre Gabriel Decamps


Cornelius Decker


Georg Decker


Joseph Decker


John I Decritz the Elder


John II Decritz the Younger


Wilm Dedecke


Alfred Dedreux


Alexandre Defaux


E. Defonds


Leonard Defrance


Franz von Defregger


Edgar Degas


Charles Jean Marie Degeorge


ChristopheThomas Degeorge


Ernst Deger


Wilhelm Degode


William Degouve de Nuncques


Leon Dehaisne


Georg Dehn


Alfred Dehodencq


Carl Friedrich Deiker


Matthaeus Deisch


Cornelis Gerritsz Dekker


Henri Delaborde


Léon Delachaux


William Delacour


Ferdinand Victor Eugène Delacroix


Pierre Maximilien Delafontaine


F. Delamonce


William Alfred Delamotte


Paul Louis Delance


Mary Granville Delany


Louis Delaporte


Paul Delaroche


Joseph Delattre


Jules Elie Delaunay


Robert Delaunay


Pierre Louis Delaval


Paul Josef Delcloche


Dirck van Delen


Dirck van Delen


Nicolas Louis Albert Delerive


Cornelis Jacobsz Delff


Jacob Willemsz Delff


John H. Dell


Georg Delling


Maurice Delondre


Anthonie Delorme


Philibert Delorme


Charles Edouard Delort


Hippolyte Camille Delpy


Jean Julien Deltil


Gabriel Deluc


Jean Delvin


Pierre Antoine Demachy


Guillaume Albert Demarest


Jean Louis Demarnette Demarne


Giles Demarteau


Wassily Kuzmich Demidov


James Demmick


Adrien Louis Demont


Charles W. Dempsey


Mark Demsteader


Eugene Denagers


Isaak Denies


Balthasar Denner


Jacob Denner


Jules Denneulin


Stephan Poyntz Denning


Dominique Vivant Denon


Rupert Arthur Dent


Pierre Simon Dequoy


William Derby


Alfred Derfla


Gyula Derkovits


Auguste Victor Deroy


Emile Deroy


Isodore Laurent Deroy


Claude Deruet


Charles Desan


Chevalier Louis William Desanges


August Joseph Desarnod the Elder


Charles Paul Etienne Desavary


Constant Joseph Desbordes


Marcellin Gilbert Desboutin


Gabriel-Alexandre Descamps


G. Deschamps


Louis Henri Deschamps


Louis Pierre Deseine


Madeleine Anne Deseine


Jean Baptiste Desgrange


Eugene Deshayes


Jean Baptiste Deshays de Colleville


Monsu Desiderio


Martin Desjardins


Jean Baptiste Frédéric Desmarais


George Desmarées


François Augustin Desmoulins


Louise Adelaïde Desnos


Jean Baptiste François Desoria


Alexandre François Desportes


Nicholas Desportes


Louis Jean Desprez


Claude Louis Desrais


Thomas Dessoulavy


Ramón Destorrents


Edouard Detaille


Maxime Dethomas


Charles Maurice Detmold


Henry Edward Detmold


Paul Emile Detouche


Cesare A. Detti


Olivier van Deuren


Niklaus Manuel Deutsch


Jean-Charles Develly


Willem Anthonie van Deventer


Walter Howell Deverell


Achille Deveria


Eugène Devéria


Henri Victor Deveria


Anthony Devis


Arthur Devis


Arthur William Devis


Guilliam van Deynum


Théophile Louis Deyrolle


Fra Diamante


Benedetto Diana


Virgilio N. Diaz de la Peña


Thomas Colman Dibdin


Frank Dicey


G. Diciano


Lowes Cato Dickinson


Aegidius Dickmann


John Robert Dicksee


Margaret Isabel Dicksee


Sir Frank Dicksee


Thomas Francis Dicksee


E. Didier


Jacques Didier


Jules Didier


August Tom Dieck


Marti Diederich


Anton Dieffenbach


Christiaen van Dielaert


Jakob Furchtegott Dielmann


Abraham Jansz van Diepenbeeck


Abraham van Diepenbeeck


Matthias Diesel


Adriaen van Diest


Johann van Diest


Willem van Diest


Johann Friedrich Dieterich


Johann Friedrich Dietler


Anton Dietrich


Christian Wilhelm Ernst Dietrich


Theodor Dietz


Barbara Regina Dietzsch


Margaretha Barbara Dietzsch


Antoine Dieu


E. Dieudonné


Wilhelm von Diez


Denis Dighton


J. D. Dighton


Richard Dighton


Robert Dighton


Thomas Dighton


William Edward Dighton


Ans van Dijk


Philip van Dijk


Hendrick-Joseph Dillens


Johann Georg von Dillis


Frank Dillon


Julian Dimitrov


Etienne Dinet


Francesco Diofebi


Mary Dipnall


Auguste Dircks


Carl Edvard Diriks


Giovanni Battista Discepoli


Hendrich Dittmars


Gert Dittmers


Walte Divernois


Jeff Divine


Arthur A. Dixon


Captain Clive Dixon


Charles Edward Dixon


Antonio Diziani


Gasparo Diziani


Nikolai Dmitrievich Dmitriev-Orenburgsky


James Dobie


Nikolay Fjodorow Dobrovolsky


William Dobson


William Charles Thomas Dobson


Edward Docker


Arthur Charles Dodd


Daniel Dodd


Joseph Josiah Dodd


Robert Dodd


Theo van Doesburg


Robert Doisneau


Carmen Dolce


Carlo Dolci


Anton Doll


John Charles Dollman


William Anstey Dollond


Philipp Dombeck


Barb Dombrowski


Francisco Domingo Marqués


Antonio de Dominici


Cornelius Christian Dommelshuizen


Pieter Cornelis Dommersen


William R. Dommersen


Pieter Cornelis Dommerson


Andrew Benjamin Donaldson




János Donath


Gerrit van Donck


Mijnerts Herman Doncker


Dominique Doncre


Giovanni Donducci


Dionys van Dongen


J. M. Donne


William A. Donnelly


Georg Raphael Donner


Kelly Donovan


Maria Donovan


Numa Donzé


Brendan Dooley


Lambert Doomer


Jan van Doornik


Gustave Doré


Markus Dorfner


Niccolo Dorigati


Michel Dorigny


Johann Jakob Dorner the Younger


Jan van Dornicke


Anton Laurids Johannes Dorph


Dosso Dossi


Giovanni Battista Luteri Dossi


Fulvio Dot


Gérard Dou


Claudia Doucet


Henri Lucien Doucet


Gérard Douffet


Emmanuel Doufut


Thomas Doughty


Edward Algernon Stuart Douglas


Edwin Douglas


James Douglas


William Fettes Douglas


Gérard Doullet


P. Doutreleau


Valentin Louis Doutreleau


Jan Frans Douven


Heinrich Douvermann


Simon Johannes van Douw


Louis Douzette


John Dowland


Robert Dowling


Barry Downard


Ebenezer Newman Downard


Bernard Downes


Delapoer Downing


Isabella Downman


John Downman


Gabriel-François Doyen


Charles Altamont Doyle


Richard Doyle


Jean-Marie Melchior Doze


Holgar Drachman


Herbert James Draper


Heinrich Dreber


Karl Heinrich Dreber


Johann Baptist Drechsler


Richard Dreher


Joseph Dreppe


Christopher Dresser


Adolf Dressler


Clement Drew


Jerry Driendl


Johannes Adrianus Drift


Joe Drivas


Martin Drolling


Martin Drölling


Michel Martin Drolling


Cornelius Droochsloot


Joost Cornelisz Droochsloot


Willem Drost


François Hubert Drouais


Germain-Jean Drouais


H. Drummond


James Drummond


Lady Emily Drummond


Samuel Drummond


Johann Friedrich Dryander


John Drysdale


Hendrick Dubbels


Ambroise Dubois


François Dubois


Jean Dubois


Paul Dubois


Philippe Dubois


Albert Dubois-Pillet


Victoria Dubourg


Nikolay Nikanorovich Dubovskoy


Toussaint Dubreuil


Claude Marie Dubufe


Edouard Louis Dubufe


Guillaume Dubufe


Paul Dubufe


Jeanne Dubut


Jean Ducayer


Agostino di Duccio


J. Androuet Ducerceau


Pierre Maurice Raymond Duchamp-Villon


Jean François Duchateau


François Duchatel


Gaspard Duche de Vancy


Bartolomeo Duchio


Louis Ducis


Jacob Duck


Eugen Dücker


Teodoro Duclere


Joseph Ducreux


Abraham Louis Rudolph Ducros


Michael Dudash


Robert Dudley


Rene Dudot


Ernest Ange Duez


Fortune Dufau


Alexandre Dufay


Mary Elizabeth Duffield


William Duffield


Paul Dufresne


Charles Alphonse Dufresnoy


Raoul Dufy


Edgar Dugas


D. Dughet


Gaspard Dughet


Antonio Dugoni


Pascal Dugourd


Karel Dujardin


Etienne Dujardin-Beaumetz


Alfred Duke


Charles Marie Dulac


Sebastien Dulac


Yvonne Dulac


Pierre Dulin


Heiman Dullaert


Alain Dumas


Guillaume Dumée


Louis Michel Dumesnil


Daniel Dumonstier


Pierre Dumonstier


François Dumont


Jacques Dumont


Jacques Edme Dumont


Bon Dumouchel


Louis Jules Dumoulin


Edward Duncan


Thomas Duncan


Walter Duncan


Ada Dundas


Agnes Dundas


Balthasar Anton Dunker


Henry Treffry Dunn


Alexandre Hyacinthe Dunouy


John Dunstall


John Dunthorne the Younger


Johannes B. Duntze


Françoise Duparc


A. L. R. M. Duperraux


Jean Duplessi-Bertaux


Jacques Vigoureux Duplessis


Joseph Siffred Duplessis


Francis Leonard Dupont


Gainsborough Dupont


N. Dupont


Emile Dupont-Zipcy


Domenico Dupra


François Xavier Dupré


G. Dupré


Giovanni Dupre


Jules Dupré


Julien Dupré


Léon Victor Dupré


Louis Dupré


Philippe Félix Dupuis


Pierre Dupuis


Eugène Duquesne


François Duquesnoy


Diego Durán


Antoine Durand


Asher Brown Durand


Godefroy Durand


Lieutenant Durand


Jean Baptiste Henri Durand-Brager


Charles Durant


Faustino Durante


Friedrich Dürck


Albrecht Dürer


Hans Dürer


Joseph Durham


C. Durif-Bedel


James Durno


George Henry Durrie


Antoine Dury


Christiaen Jansz Dusart


Cornelis Dusart


Jean-Bernard Duseigneur


Balthasar van der Dut


Benjamin Duterrau


André Dutertre


Spottiswood Duthie


L. Duthielt


Edmond Duthoit


Henri Joseph Constant Dutilleux


Edward J. Duval


J. Duvall


Roger Duvall


Pierre Duval-Lecamus


Louis Jean Noël Duveau


Frank Duveneck


Théophile Emmanuel Duverger


François Duyck


Pieter Jacobsz Duyfhuysen


Gerhardt van Duynen


Isaac van Duynen


Wilhelm Cornelisz Duyster


Antonin Dvorak


Tit Yakovlevich Dvornikov


William Dyce


Abraham van Dyck


Sir Anrhony van Dyck


Floris Claesz van Dyck


Hermann Dyck


Philip van Dyck


Sir Anthonis van Dyck


J. L. Dyckmans


N. M. Dyudin


Rev. John Eagles


Thomas Eakins


George Earl


Maud Earl


Ralph Earl


Thomas Earl


Augustus Earle


Lawrence Carmichael Earle


Ralph Earle


Richard Earlom


Henry Earp


Sir Alfred East


Sir Charles Lock Eastlake


Captain Seth Eastman


A. Easton


Francis H. Eastwood


Laurie Eastwood


Charles Ebbets


Adolph Eberle


Anton Ebert


Carl Ebert


Joseph Woodfall Ebsworth


Adolf Echtler


Karl Paul Themistocles von Eckenbrecher


Themistokles von Eckenbrecher


Christoffer Wilhelm Eckersberg


Heiko Eckert


Aloys Eckhardt


Georg Ludwig Eckhardt


Otto Eckmann


Eden Upton Eddis


Frederick Charles Vipont Ede


Albert Edelfelt


William Eden


Günter Edlinger


Johann Georg Edlinger


Henry Edridge


Edwin Edwards


Harvey Edwards


James Edwards


John Edwards


Linda Edwards


Sydenham Teast Edwards


Jan van Eeckele


Albert van der Eeckhout


Gerbrand van den Eeckhout


Andries van Eertvelt


Nikolai Efimovich Efimov


Daniel Thomas Egerton


Lady Egerton


M. Egerton


Augustus Egg


Albin Egger-Lienz


Sigmund Eggert


W. M. Egley


Justus van Egmont


Pieter Cornelisz van Egmont


T. F. Ehaerts


Alexande Ehhalt


Wilhelm van Ehrenberg


Johan Ludwig Eberhard Ehrenreich


David Klocker Ehrenstrahl


Georg Dionysius Ehret


Georgia Ehrhardt


Felix Ehrlich


Ludwig Eibl


Friedrich Eibner


Rolf Eichelmann


Werner Eick


Johann Gottfried Eiffe


François Eisen


Keisai Eisen


Ferencz Frans Eisenhut


August Eisenmenger


Richard Eisermann


Jan I Ekels the Elder


Jan II  Ekels the Younger


Knut Ekvall


George A. Elcock


J. H. Elers


Sigurd Elert


Nicolaes Eliasz


Chris Elisabeth


Walery J. K. Eljasz-Radzikowski


Louis Ferdinand Elle


Maria Ellenrieder


Ottmar II  Elliger the Elder


Ottmar I  Elliger the Younger


Robinson Elliot


Thomas Elliott


William Elliott


Edwin Ellis


Joseph F. Ellis


Tristram Ellis


William Ellis


Stephen Elmer


Alfred W. Elmore


Adam Elsheimer


Pierre Tetar van Elven


Heribert Elzer


Beate Emanuel


Baldassare Embriarchi


Wilhelm Emele


William Henry Emmerton


John Emms


Chimenti Jacopo Empoli


Alfred Edward Emslie


Felix Freiherr von Ende


Hans am Ende


Oliver Ende


Axel Ender


Eduard Ender


Josef Ender


Samuel G. Enderby


Cornelis Engebrechtsz


Martin Engelbrecht


Gottfried Engelmann


Malthe Odin Engelstedt


George Engleheart


Karl von Enhuber


John Joseph Enneking


Arthur Henry Enock


Mary Ensor


Charles Bertrand d'Entraygues


Prosper Charles Adrien d'Epinay


Rudolf Epp


Otto Erdmann


Alois Erdtelt


Enghelbert Ergho


Johann Christoph Erhard


Georg Friedrich Erhardt


Gregor Erhart


August Erich


Nelly Erichsen


Vigilius Erichsen


Johann Eric Ericson


Gottlob Ernst


Rudolph Ernst


Agnolo degli Erri


Bartolomeo degli Erri


Ethel Horsfall Ertz


Eric Erwin


Elliot Erwitt


Elliott Erwitt


A. Erwood


Jacob Foppens van Es


C. Escalante


Juan Antonio de Frías y Escalante


José Nicolas de la Escalera y Dominguez


Don José Escasena


Ulri Eschbaumer


M. C. Escher


Ignacio León y Escosura


Anacleto Escutia


Mirza Gholam-Reza Esfahani


Pierre Eskrich


Pedro Espalargues


Benito Espinos


Jeronimo Jacinto Espinosa


José Espinosa


Juan de Espinosa


Antonio Maria Esquivel


Carlos Maria Esquivel


Jacob Esselens


Cornelis van Essen


Sarah Countess of Essex


William Essex


Baldassare d'Este


Pablo Esteban


Marianne d'Esterhazy


Felix Esterl


Jose Maria Estrada


Antoine Etex


Louis Jules Etex


William Etty


Louise Eudes de Guimard


Maria Eva


Bernard Walter Evans


Frederick James McNamara Evans


George William Evans


Paul Evans


Sebastian Evans


William Evans


Henry Jacques Evenepoel


Henri l'Evêque


Allaert van Everdingen


Caesar Boëtius Everdingen


Anton Evers


Adrianus Eversen


Mac Duf Everton


John Wilson Ewbank


P. Ewbank


Hans Eworth


Hans Ewoutsz


Johann Julius Exner


Carl Eybe


Franz Eybl


Barthelemy d'Eyck


Hubert van Eyck


Jan van Eyck


Jan van den Eycken


John Eyre


John W. Eyres


Louis Eysen


Christian Ezdorf


Diacinto Fabbroni


Greetje Faber


Joachim Faber


Karl Gottfried Traugott Faber


Christian Wilh Faber du Faur


Marco Fabiano


François Xavier Fabre


Gentile Fabriano


Hieronymus Fabricius ab Aquapendente


Pietro Fabris


Barent Fabritius


Carel Fabritius


H. G. Fackert


James Faed Junior


John Faed


Thomas Faed


Peter Faes


Ferdinand Fagerlin


Edward Henry Fahey


Grant Faint


Thomas Fairbairn


Thomas Kerr Fairless


Frances C. Fairman


James Fairman


William Faithorne


Julian Falat


Filippo Falciatore


Aniello Falcone


Etienne-Maurice Falconet


Pierre Etienne Falconet


Carel van Falens


Jean Alexandre Joseph Falguière


A. Falke


Anne L. Falkner


Melchior Fallon


F. Famin


Luca Fancelli


Alice Taite Fanner


Roberto Fantini


Henri Fantin-Latour


Théodore Fantin-Latour


Victoria Fantin-Latour


Michael Faraday


Paulus Constantin la Fargue


Giambattista Farinati


Paolo Farinati


Joseph Farington


Emily Farmer


Jeremy Farmer


Henry F. Farny


David Farquharson


Joseph Farquharson


Robert Farren


Henry Farrer


Thomas Charles Farrer


Robert Farrier


Giovanni Antonio Fasolo


Josef Fastus


Giovanni Fattori


Giuseppe Fattori


John Faulkner


Naylor Faulkner


Amandus Faure


Gabriel Faure


Modesto Faustini


Henri Antoine de Favanne


Antoine de Favray


Giacomo Favretto


Ludwig Fay


Thomas Fearnley


John Feary


Carl Traugott Fechhelm


Hans Fechner


Galizia Fede


Giovanni Fedini


Pawel Andrejewitsch Fedotow


Greetj Feenstra


Alessandro di Vincenzio Fei


Josef Feid


Andreas Feil


Nat Fein


Ed Feingersh


Andre Feininger


Lyonel Feininger


Oliv Feistmantl


Daniela Feix de Martinez


C. F. Feldt


W. R. Fellows


Joseph Felon


George Washington Felt


Peter Fendi


Thomas Fendt


Roger Fenton


R. Fenwick


Auguste François Joseph Feragu


Károly Ferenczy


Franz Ferg


Salvatore Fergola


William Gowe Ferguson


William J. Ferguson


Alejo Fernandez


Gregorio Fernandez


Pedro Fernandez de Córdoba


Juan Fernandez de Navarrete


Claude L. Ferneley


John Ferneley Junior


Sarah Ferneley


Michael Ferner


William Feron


Girolamo Ferrabosco


Martino Ferrabosco


Augusto Ferran


Augustus Ferran


Stefano da Ferrara


Carlo Ferrari


Defendente Ferrari


Giovanni Andrea di Ferrari


Orazio de Ferrari


Luca Ferrari alias Luca da Reggio


Jaime Ferrer


Stefano Ferreri


Benjamin Ferrers


Giovanni Domenico Ferretti


Ciro Ferri


Gabriel Joseph Marie Augustin Ferrier


Jean Léon Jérôme Ferris


Gregorio Ferro


Henry Charles Ferro


Francesco di Giovanni Ferrucci


Jean Georges Ferry


Domenico Fetti


Lucrina Fetti


Anselm Feuerbach


Georges de Feure


Jacques Eugene Feyen


François Nicolas Augustin Feyen-Perrin


Paolo Fiammingo


Benjamin Eugène Fichel


Felice Ficherelli


Orazio Fidani


Fred Fieber


Bradley Field


Sarah Field


Walter Field


A. V. Copley Fielding


Anthony Vandyke Copley Fielding


Nathan Theodore Fielding


Newton Fielding


Thales Fielding


Wendy Ma Fields


Francesco Fieravino


Cristovao de Figueiredo


Antonio Filarete


Elena Filatov


Sir Samuel Luke Fildes


Charles Filiger


Giorg Filippini


Giovanni B. Filosa


Franz Paul Findenigg


John Finnie


Louis Finson


Louis Finsonius


Jacobello del Fiore


Domenico Fiorentino


Pier Francesco Fiorentino


Rosso Fiorentino


Mario dei Fiori


Walther Firle


Marie François Firmin-Girard


Ivan I. Firsov


Johann Fischbach


Johann Heinrich Fischer


Karl von Fischer


Ludwig Hans Fischer


Paul Fischer


Thomas Fischer


Johann Fischer von Erlach


Johann Bernhard Fischer von Erlach


Joseph Fischer von Erlach


Friederike Fischer-Achatzy


Theodor Fischer-Poisson


Isaac Fisches


Fedele Fischetti


Harrison Fisher


James II Fisher


Janet Fisher


Jonathan Fisher


Mark Fisher


T. Paul Fisher


Thomas Fisher


William Mark Fisher


William Henry Fisk


Walter Hood Fitch


Arthur Fitger


William Fitz


John Anster Fitzgerald


Pjotr Fjodorov


Tim Flach


Nicolas Flamel


François Flameng


Albert Flamm


Camille Flammarion


Johann von Flandern


Juan de Flandes


Hippolyte Flandrin


Stephan Flateau


T. Flatman


Thomas Flatman


Konstantin Dimitriewitsch Flawitzky


John Flaxman


Mary Ann Flaxman


David Fleetham


Georg Flegel


Friedrich Fleischmann


Bertholet Flemal


Bertholet I. Flémalle


John Fleming


George Jackson Flemwell


François Antoine Léon Fleury


J. B. de Fleury


James Vivien de Fleury


Robert Fleury


Gerlach Flicke


Govaert Flinck


Charles Joseph Flipart


Heinrich Flockenhaus


Philippe Flohic


Hanneke Floor


Sebastiano Florigerio


Frans Floris de Vriendt


Clement Flower


Josef Fluggen


Ruggero Focardi


Giovanni Battista Foggini


Marcello Fogolino


Carl Philipp Fohr


David Fokos


John Henry Foley


Isolde Folger


Olivier Föllmi


Philipp Foltz


Joan Font


André Fontaine


Pierre François Léonard Fontaine


Victor Fontaine


Giovanni Fontana


Lavinia Fontana


Prospero Fontana


Orazio Fontana de Urbino


Antonio Fontanesi


Francesco Fontebasso


J. Foord


Vincenzo Foppa


Girolamo Forabosco


Jean Louis Forain


Elizabeth Adela Stanhope Forbes


Auguste Forbin


Jane Maxwell Fordyce


Eugène Hippolyte Forest


Lady Margaret Forest


Roy de Forest


Amedée Forestier


Melozzo da Forli


Commendator Formilli


Jan Baptist van Fornenburgh


Capt. John Haughton Forrest


H. Forrest


Nils Forsberg the Elder


Adam Forster


Frank Forster


Jean Antoine Siméon Fort


Luca Forte


William Banks Fortescue


Charles Fortin


Mariano Fortuny


Pier Francesco Foschi


Ambrogio da Fossano


Charles de la Fosse


Aaron Foster


Francis Foster


Myles Birket Foster


Guillaume Romain Fouace


Serge Fouillet


Jean Fouquet


Jacques Fouquières


Albert Auguste Fourie


Alfred Victor Fournier


Charles Fournier


Robert Fowler


William Fowler


Arthur Wellington Fowles


Joseph Fowles


Augustus H. Fox


Charles James Fox


E. M. Fox


Emmanuel Phillips Fox


George Fox


Francesco Fracanzano


Alex Fradkin


Pietro Fragiacomo


Philipp Fragnol


Alexandre Evariste Fragonard


Jean Honoré Fragonard


Claude Joseph Fraichot


Georges Fraipont


Edward Reginald Frampton


Sir George James Frampton


Martin le  Franc


François Louis Français


Cesare Francazano


Nicolas Frances


Placido Frances y Pascual


Piero della Francesca


Baldassare Franceschini


Marco Antonio Franceschini


Antonio di  Francesco


Jacopino di Francesco


S. Francesco


Pierre de Francheville


Alessandro Franchi


Rossello di Jacopo Franchi


Peeter Franchoys


Lucas Franchoys the Younger


Alexandre T. Francia


François Louis Thomas Francia


Giacomo Francia


Giulio Francia


John Francis


Pieter Lodewijk Francisco


Franz Friedrich Franck


Ambrosius I Franck the Elder


Ambrosius II Franck the Younger


Abraham Francken


Paul V. de Francken


Frans III Francken


Hieronymus III Francken


Ambrosius I Francken the Elder


Frans I Francken the Elder


Hieronymus I Francken the Elder


Ambrosius II Francken the Younger


Frans II Francken the Younger


Hieronymus II Francken the Younger


Battista Franco


Claude François


Henri J. François


Simon François


Niccolo Frangipane


Chen Frank


Theodore Frank


Albert Joseph Franke


Georg Franke


Theodore Franken


Eduard Frankfort


Ryan Franklin


Jim Frankoski


Jean Pierre Franque


Jean Augustin Franquelin


Pierre de Franqueville


José Frappa


Alexander Fraser Junior


James Baillie Fraser


John Fraser


Olivia Fraser


Robert Winter Fraser


Giovanna Fratellini


Charles Frechon


Ambroise Fredeau


Aksel Frederiksen


Mari Frederique


Bartolo Fredi


Johannes Hendrick Fredriks


William Francis Freelove


Henry Branston Freer


George Augustus Freezor


Fréderic Fregevize


Jacobus Frel


Emmanuel Fremiet


René Fremin


Denise Fremond


Daniel Chester French


Frederick French


William Percy French


Rudolph Frenz


Charles Edouard Frère


Charles Théodore Frère


Edouard Frère


Roger Noël François de la Fresnaye


Sigmund Freudenberger


Thomas Freund


Pr Freundlinger


Johann Jakob Frey


Emile Friant


Juan Antonio de Frías y Escalante


Guido Frick


Friedrich Friedländer


Annie Friedman


Adolf Friedrich


Caspar David Friedrich


Waldemar Friedrich


Fritz Friedrichs


Jessie Frier


Ernst Fries


Hans Fries


Konrad von Friesach


Richard Friese


Francesco Frigimelica


August Frind


Alfred Downing Fripp


George Arthur Fripp


Jan Fris


Johann Christoph Frisch


Jo Frischknecht


David Henry Friston


William Powel Frith


Andreas Fritsch


Lorenz Froelich


Joop Frohwein


Otto Frölicher


Hendrik de Fromantiou


Nicolas Froment


Eugène Fromentin


Heiko Frommhold


Carl Fröschl


Francis Shed Frost


George Frost


John O. J. Frost


William Edward Frost


Nicolas Sebastien Froste


Rueland I Frueauf  the Elder


Rueland II Frueauf  the Younger


Roger Eliot Fry


Thomas Frye


Emil Fuchs


Leonhard Fuchs


Friedrich Heinrich Füger


Joseph Ritter von Führich


Issaque Fujita


Florence Fuller


Isaac Fuller


John Fulleylove


Thomas Fulljames


Albert Henry Fullwood


David Fulton


Gerolamo Fumagalli


Bernardino Fungai


Hinrik Funhof


Heinrich Funk


Gisela Funke


Robert Furber


Francesco Furini


Claudio Furlan


Roberto Furlan


Abraham Furnerius


Charles Wellington Furse


Lucas Furtenagel


Johann Heinrich Füssli


C. H. Fyfe


Jan Fyt


Barend Gaal


Anton Domenico Gabbiani


Nicolas Edward Gabe


Melegh Gabor


Georges François Gabriel


Jacques Ange Gabriel


Paul Joseph Constantin Gabriel


Gaspare Gabrielli


Pietro Gabrini


Agnolo di Gaddi


Taddeo Gaddi


William Hippon Gadsby


Barend Gael


William Gaele


Eduard Gaertner


Johann Philipp Eduard Gaertner


Bernadino Gaffuri




Grigori Grigorevich Gagarin


Filippo Gagliardi


Jean Baptiste Claude Gagneraux


Frans Gaillard


François Gailliard


Thomas Gainsborough


Jakob Emanuel Gaisser


Max Gaisser


Yannick le Gal


Michael Galassi


Michela Galassi


Adriano Galasso


William Gale


Luigi Maria Galea


Prosper Galerne


Galileo Galilei


Francesco Galimberti


Louis Gallait


Cornelis Galle the Elder


Hieronymus Galle the Elder


Fernando Gallegos


José Gallegos Arnosa


R. S. E Gallen


Akseli V. Gallén-Kallela


Elias Galli


A. Galliano


Gallo Gallina


Louis Galloche


Baldomero Gallofre Ximenis


Robert Gallon


Carmen Galofré


José Galofre y Coma


Joseph Galvan


Gregorio Gamarra


Girolamo Gambarato


Spiridione Gambardella


Giuseppe Gambarini


Cosimo Gambaruccio


Cosimo Gamberucci


Olivier Gambier


Hervé Gambs


Jacques Gamelin


Otto Gampert


Gaetano Gandolfi


Mauro Gandolfi


Ubaldo Gandolfi


Herbert Gandy


Joseph Michael Gandy


Michael Gandy


David Ganssi


John Gantz


Jennifer Garant


Manuel Garay y Arevalo


Tullio Garbari


Angelo Garbizza


Maria García


Pedro García de Benabarre


Manuel García y Rodriguez


William Fraser Garden


Daniel Gardner


William Biscombe Gardner


Jan-Anton Garemyn


Marin Isidoro Gares




Pablo Gargallo


Domenico Gargiulo


David Garibaldi


Charles Trevor Garland


Henry Garland


Valentine Thomas Garland


Frederick Garling


Ambroise-Louis Garneray


Auguste Simon Garneray


Jean François Garneray


Charles Garnier


Etienne Barthélemy Garnier


Jean Garnier


Jules Arsène Garnier


Michel Garnier




Peggy Garr


George Garrard


Arthur Paine Garratt


Alphonse Garreau


Edmund Henry Garrett


Gregory Garrett


Eduardo-Leon Garrido


Norman Garstin


Viktor Aleksandrovich Gartman


Johann Philipp Eduard Gartner


Luigi Garzi


Giovanna Garzoni


Henri Gascard


Georges Gascoyne


Walter Bonner Gash


Arthur Joseph Gaskin


Lucas van Gassel


Gottlieb Gassen


Daniel Gasser


Jean Bruno Gassies


Jules Gasson


John Gast


Saviero Xavier della Gatta


Don Bartolommeo della Gatta


Giuseppe Lorenzo Gatteri


Thomas Gatzemeier


Johann Gau


J. Gaudaushart


Hans-Jürgen Gaudeck


Henri Gaudier-Brzeska


Friedrich Gauermann


Louis Gauffier


Thomas Gaugain


Ignaz-Marcel Gaugengigl


Paul Gauguin


August Gaul


William Gilbert Gaul


Giovanni Batt. Baccicio Gaulli


Marie Madeleine Gaume


Jean Gaumy


Wilhelm Gause


Jean Gautherin


Pierre Gautherot


Armand Desiré Gautier


Etienne Gautier


Arnauld Eloi Gautier d'Agoty


Jacques Fabien Gautier d'Agoty


Jean Baptiste André Gautier d'Agoty


Paul Gavarni


Pierre Gavarni


Robert R.S.A. Gavin


John Gavrilis


Nikolai Gay


Sandrine Gayet


Peter Gaymann


François Valentin Gazard


Nikolai Nikolajewitsch Ge


Adolf Gebens


Wilhelmina Feodorovna Gebhard


Eduard Karl Franz von Gebhardt


Andrew Geddes


William Geddes


Ludwick Gedleck


Ludwig Gedlek


Martin Josef Geeraerts


Jasper Geerards


Julius Geerts


Richard Geese


Wybrand Symonsz de Geest


Franz Geffels


Edmond Aimé Florentin Geffroy


Karl Eduardowitsch Geftler


Margarethe Geiger


Nicolaus Geiger


Johann Joseph Geisser


Christian Gottfried Geissler


Aert de Gelder


Nicolaes van Gelder


Gortzius Geldorp


Giacinto Gemignano


Vincenzo Gemito


John Gendall


Philip Gendreau


Buonaventura Genelli


Girolamo Genga


Jean Baptiste Genillion


Jules Victor Genisson


Cleonice Gennadios


Bartolomeo Gennari


Ercole Gennari


Benedetto I Gennari the Elder


Benedetto II Gennari the Younger


Abby Gennet


Michel Philibert Genod


Anja Gensert


Gunther Gensler


Jacob Gensler


Johann Martin Gensler


Joos van Gent


Justus van Gent


Artemisia Gentileschi


Wilhelm Gentz


Henri Jules Jean Geoffroy


Adolphe Victor Geoffroy-Dechaume


Johan Georg


Sir Ernest George


Pierre Narcisse Gerain


Emilie Gérard


François Pascal Simon Gérard


Marguerite Gérard


Théodore Gérard


Balthazar Gerbier


Eduard Gerhardt


Jean Louis Théodore Géricault


A. Geringer


Niccolo di Pietro Gerini


S. Gerini


Sabine Gerke


Andreas Gerlach


Vera Gerling


Karl-Heinz Gerlinger


Bernhard Gerner


Jean Léon Gérome


Matthias Gerou


Samuel Lancaster Gerry


Wojciech Gerson


Richard Gerstl


Heidi Gerstner


Ernst Gertner


Matthias Gerung


Victor Geruzez


Alfred Gervex


Henri Gervex


Eduard Geselschap


Francesco Giovanni Gessi


Johann Conrad Gessner


Salomon Gessner


Nelly Geurts


Johann Geyer


Marcus Gheeraerts the Elder


G. Gherardi


Guiseppe Gherardi


Anton Günther Ghering


Reynier van Gherwen


Jacob I de Gheyn


Jacob II de Gheyn


Jacob III de Gheyn


Pier Leone Ghezzi


S. A. Ghirardini


Davide Ghirlandaio


Ridolfo Ghirlandaio


Domenico Ghirlandaio


Fra Vittore Ghislandi


Giovanni Ghisolfi


Alberto Giacometti


Giovanni Giacometti


Félix Henri Giacomotti


Antonio Gialdisi




Michele Giambono


Giovanni Pedrini Giampietrino


Raffaelle Gianetti


Felice Gianni


Girolamo Gianni


D. Gianola


Corrado Giaquinto


Mateo Giarte


Robert Gibb


William Gibbons


Edward Gibson


Stefan Gibson


Thomas Gibson


William Alfred Gibson


Henn von Gierke


Maksymilian Gierymski


Max Eduard Giese


Sandford Robinson Gifford


Giacinto Gigante


Regis Francis Gignoux


Giovanni Battista Gigola


Jean François Gigoux


Juan Gil de Hontanon


Rodrigo Gil de Hontanon


Alfred Gilbert


Arthur Gilbert


Joseph Francis Gilbert


Josiah Gilbert


Pierre Julien Gilbert


Sir Alfred Gilbert


Sir John Gilbert


Victor Gabriel Gilbert


James William Giles


John A. Giles


Andre Gill


E. W. Gill


Edmund Gill


Samuel Thomas Gill


William Gill


Christian Friedrich Gille


Jan Pauwel I Gillemans the Elder


Jan Pauwel II Gillemans the Younger


Margaret Gillies


Jacob Gillig


Claude Gillot


James Gillray


Harold Gilman


G. Gilpin


Rev. William Gilpin


Sawrey Gilpin


Juan Gimenez y Martin


Francisco Gimeno y Arasa


Giacinto Gimignani


Ludovico Gimignani


N. Ginouvier


Luca Giordano


Maso di Banco Giottino


Tommaso di Stefano Giottino


Giotto di Bondone


Luca Giovagnoli


Matteo Giovanetti


Stefano di Giovanni


John Gipkyn


Lucas Giraldo


Leon Giran-Max


Albert Girard


Eugène Alexis Girardet


Karl Girardet


François Girardon


Ernest Gustave Girardot


Emile Giraud


Eugène Giraud


Pierre François Grégoire Giraud


Sebastien-Charles Giraud


Adolphe Giraudon


Charles Louis Girault


Anne Louis Girodet de Roucy-Trioson


Giovanni Girolamo


Charles Giron


Jean Antoine Théodore Giroust


Thomas Girtin


Antonio Gisbert


Christop Gjevre


George Gladwin


Auguste Barthelemy Glaize


Alexander Glasgow


John Glass


Johannes Glauber


Count Gleichen


Alfred I Glendening


Alfred II Glendening


Arthur Augustus Glendening the Younger


Alfred Augustus Glendenning the Elder


Marc Charles Gabriel Gleyre


Henry Gillard Glindoni


John Glover


Elsa Glück


Giuseppe Gobbis


Angilbert Göbel


Heinz Göbel


Gerrit Hendrik Gobell


Pierre Gobert


Joseph Goblet


Heinrich I Göding the Younger


Frederick Godsall


John William Godward


Edward William Godwin


Henry Haversham Godwin-Austen


Karl Goebel


Sylvia Goebel


Johannes Goedaert


Norbert Goeneutte


Hugo van der Goes


Pierre Jacques Goetghebuer


Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


Frederick E. J. Goff


Toni Goffe


Heinrich Gogarten


Kristy Goggio


Vincent van Gogh


Charles Gogin


Günter Gohn


Charles Emilius Gold


Todd Goldman


Friedrich Goldscheider


Walter H. Goldsmith


Ed Goldstein


Kirill Inanovich Golovachevsky


Alexander Jakowlevitsch Golowin


Hendrick Goltzius


Nuño Goncalves


Emmanuel Gondouin


Francesco Gonin


Guido Gonin


C. M. Gonne


Jean Pierre Gonthier


Pierre Camille Gontier


Pietro Gonzaga


Eva Gonzales


Bartolome Gonzalez


Juan Gonzalez


Miguel Gonzalez


Antonio Gonzalez Ruiz


Antonio Gonzalez Velazquez the Elder


Nuno Gonzalvez


Thomas Sword Good


Trudy Good


Edward Angelo Goodall


Frederick Goodall


Frederick Trevelyan Goodall


John Edward Goodall


John Goode


Robert Gwelo Goodman


James B. Goodrich


Albert Goodwin


Arthur Clifton Goodwin


Frank Goodwin


Harry Goodwin


Kate Goodwin


Sydney Goodwin


W. S. Goodwin


Jan van Gool


Paul Léon Lucien Gopil


Apollinariy Gilyarevich Goravsky


Ivanovich Gorbatov


Michele Gordigiani


D. Gordon


Robert James Gordon


Sir John Watson Gordon


Spencer Frederick Gore


Auguste François Gorguet


Henri Nicolas van Gorp


Wilhelm Gorré


Vladimir Gorsky


William W. Gosling


Jan Gossaert


A. Gosse


Nicolas Louis François Gosse


Joshua Gosselin


Thomas Cooper Gotch


Ulrich Götte Himmelblau


Marta Gottfried


Kuehl von Gotthard


Maurycy Gottlieb


Carl Wilhelm Götzloff


Laureys Goubau


Innocent Louis Goubaud


Pierre Goudreaux


Alexander Dick Gough


Jean Goujon


John Gould


William Gould


William Buelow Gould


Jules Adolphe Goupil


Charles Goureau


Abraham Govaerts


H. van Govaerts


Andrew Carrick Gow


James Gow


Mary Gow


George Gower


Francis de Goya


Francisco José de Goya


Jan van Goyen


Benozzo Gozzoli


Barend Graat


Alfred Fitzwalter Grace


Arthur Longlands Grace


Colin Graeme


Paul Graf


Urs I Graf the Elder


Urs II Graf the Younger


Anton Graff


Johann Andreas Graff


Peter Graham


Thomas Alexander Fergusson Graham


August Grahl


M. Gramracyj


Daniel Gran


Louis Grandadam


Michele Antonio Grandi


Edmond Georges Grandjean


Nikolai Karlovich Grandkovsky


Adrienne-Marie Grandpierre-Deverzy


Luis Graner y Arrufi


François Marius Granet


Jean Pierre Granger


David des Granges


Joseph Granie


Carleton Grant


James Grant


Kay Grant


Sir Francis Grant


Thomas Grant


William Grant


Harri Granville


Walter B. Granville


Amedée Gras


Otto Grashof


Franz Grassel


Eugène Samuel Grasset


Giuseppe Grassi


Nicola Grassi


George Grattan


Gustave Grau


Xavier Grau


Werner Graul


Friederich Wilhelm Graupenstein


David Graux


Hubert Gravelot


Abbott Fuller Graves


Henry Graves


Franz Graw


Alice Gray


Kate Gray


Walter Greaves


Frans de Grebber


Pieter Fransz de Grebber


Doménicos Theotokópoulos known as El Greco


Alfred H. Green


Charles Green


Henry Towneley Green


James Green


Josiah Green


Kate Greenaway


Richard Greenbury


Milton Greene


Henry Greenhill


John Greenhill


John Greenwood


Charles Gregory


Edward John Gregory


Maurice Greiffenhagen


E. S. Greig


Otto Greiner


Johan Conrad Greive


Mitrofan Borisovic Grekow


Alexandre Grellet


Gabriel Gresely


Gérard Gresly


John Alexander Gresse


Carlos Grethe


Anne Geneviève Greuze


Jean Baptiste Greuze


Charles Laurent Grevenbroeck


Charles Leopold Grevenbroeck


Jan van Grevenbroeck


Edith F. Grey


Sergej Iwanowitsch Gribkow


Nicolas Gricoresco


Jan Griffier


Robert Griffier


Jan I Griffier the Elder


William Griffin


Moses Griffith


John Griffiths


Nicolae Jon Grigorescu


Nicolas Grigorescu


Ivan Grigorievich Grigoriev


William Grimaldi


Johannes Martin Grimelund


Carl Heinrich Adolph Grimm


Ludwig Emil Grimm


Samuel Hieronymous Grimm


Abel Grimmer


Gillis Grimmer


Jakob Grimmer


Christophe Grimonpon


Alexis Grimou


Arthur Grimshaw


J. A. Grimshaw


John Atkinson Grimshaw


Captain Robert M. Grindlay


Carel Jozeph Grips


Juan Gris


Ernest Henry Griset


François Adolphe Grison


P. Grist


Nikolai Nikolaevich Gritsenko


Henry Gritten


Nikolaj Grizenko


Konrad Grob


Matt Groening


Nathaniel Grogan


Friedrich Carl Groger


Theodor Groll


Georg Christoph Grooth


Jan Hendrick van Grootvelt


Jean Antoine Gros


Lucien Alphonse Gros


Gero Gröschel


Louis Grosclaude


Francis Grose


Melicent Grose


Karlheinz Gross


Weedon Grossmith


C. J. Groth


Ferri Group


Charles de Groux


Carlo Grubacs


Giovanni Grubacs


Carl Franz Gruber


Vittore Grubicy de Dragon


Mathis Gothart Gruenewald


E. Gruetsner


Jules Alexandre Grun


Norbert Grund


Jakob Grünenwald


Mathias Grünewald


Mathis Gothart Grünewald


Matthias Grunewald


Norbert Grunewald


Eduard Grützner


Petr Nicolaevich Gruzinsky


Adriaen de Gryef


Pedro Gualdi


G. Gualtiero


Jacopo Guarana


M. Guarana


Vicenzo Guarana


Francesco Guardi


Giacomo Guardi


Giovanni Antonio Guardi


Francesco Guarino


Juan Guas


Hans Fredrik Gude


Henriette Gudin


Herminie Gudin


Théodore Gudin


Julien Michel Gué


Oscar Gué


Eugène von Guerard


Paul Félix Guerie


Paulin Jean Baptiste Guérin


Pierre Narcisse Guérin


Alfred Guesdon


Gregorio Guglielmi


Jacques Guiaud


Guido Guidi


Dominique Henri Guifard


Jean Adrien Guignet


Paul Camille Guigou


Jean Guilhomet


Eugène Guillaume


Gustave Guillaumet


Armand Guillaumin


Jean Baptiste Armand Guillaumin


Jean Baptiste Antoine Guillemet


Emile Antoine Guillier


Eugène Antoine Guillon


Alfred Guillou


Anselmo de Guinea


Henri Guinier


Konstantin Guise


Franck Guiziou


Lajos Gulácsy


Catherine B. Gulley


Johannes Gumpp


Karl Gun


Matthäus Gundelach


Erwin Günter


Otto Günther


Eduard Gurk


Louis Gurlitt


Maria Gust


Nikolai Gustawowitsch


Sir James Guthrie


Salvador Gutierrez


José Gutierrez de la Vega


Ludwig Guttenbrunn


Sebastian Gutzwiller


Seymour Joseph Guy


Viviane Guy


Antoine Patrice Guyot


Constantin Guys


Manuel Roderiguez Guzman


Kodo Gyokuzan


Alajos Gyorgyi Giergl


Alajos Györgyi-Giergl


Cornelis Norbertus Gysbrechts


Franciscus Gysbrechts


Pieter Gysels


Nikolaus Gysis


Carl Haag


Joris van der Haagen


Meyer de Haan


Meyer Isaac de Haan


Rob de Haan


Adriana Joanna Haanen


Georg Gillis van Haanen


Remigius van Haanen


Ernst Haas


Franz von Habermann


Hugo von Habermann


Wenzel Hablik


A. van Hackaert


Jan Hackaert


Arthur Hacker


Horst Hacker


Jacob Philipp Hackert


Gerhard Haderer


James Hadley


Rafal Hadziewicz


Willem van Haecht


Wille Haenraets


Jan van Haensbergen


Carlos Haes


Georg Haeselich


Marcus Johann Haeselich


Mathias Hafner


August Hagborg


Michael Christoph Hagelgans


Marilyn Hageman


Friedrich Hagemann


Karl Hagemeister


Bettina Hagen


Dingeman van der Hagen


Joris van der Hagen


Willem van der Hagen


Louis Haghe


Ludwig von Hagn


Eugene Hagnauer


J. Edward Homerville Hague


John Houghton Hague


Joshua Anderson Hague


Frank Hahn


William Hahn


Johann Jakob Haid


Syl Haigermoser


Johann Georg Hainz


Edward Matthew Hale


Philip Leslie Hale


Francisco de Paula van Halen


Klaus Halfar-Rüst


William Halfpenny


George Henry Hall


Harry Hall


J. B. Hall


Margaret Bernardine Hall


Peter Adolf Hall


Sydney Prior Hall


Thomas P. Hall


Charles Edward Halle


Claude Guy Halle


Noël Hallé


Samuel Baruch Halle


W. H. Hallett


Michael Frederick Halliday


John James Halls


Dirck Hals


Frans Hals


Harmen Hals


Jan Hals


Johannes Hals


Nicolaes Hals


Reynier Fransz Hals


Michae Halsband


Philipp Halsman


Elisab Halstead


F. Halsted


Keeley Halswelle


Horst Hamann


Johann Michael Hambach


Juan van der Hamen


Carl Wilhelm de Hamilton


Ferdinand Phillip de Hamilton


Franz de Hamilton


Gavin Hamilton


Hamilton Hamilton


Hugh Douglas Hamilton


J. C. Hamilton


James Whitelaw Hamilton


Johann Georg Hamilton


Johann Georg de Hamilton


John McLure Hamilton


Vereker Monteith Hamilton


William Hamilton


Edouard Jean Conrad Hamman


Alexis van Hamme


Daniel Hammer


William Hammer


Vilhelm Hammershoi


Jean Louis Hamon


Carl Hampeln


Charles de Hampeln


Hans Hampke


Johann Hamza


Mihajlo Hamzic


Hermann Han


Charles Hancock


Thomas Hand


Emanuel Handmann


Wim Hanenberg


Robert Hannah


William Hannan


Adriaen Hanneman


Adriaen Hannemann


Maximilian Hannl


Johann Hans


Josephus Gerardus Hans


Pieter van Hanselaere


Carel Lodewijk Hansen


Carl-Christian-Constantin Hansen


Günter Hansen


Hans Hansen


Hans Nikolaj Hansen


Heinrich Hansen


Henry W. Hansen


Herman Wendleborg Hansen


Max Hansen


Niels Christian Hansen


Pamela Hanson


Nils Severin Hansteen


George Haquette


H. Harcourt


Mary Lascelles Harcourt


Edmund Harris Harden


Charles Martin Hardie


Pieter Hardime


James Duffield Harding


John Jessop Hardwick


Anna Eliza Hardy


David Hardy


Dudley Hardy


Frederick Daniel Hardy


G. B. Hardy


George Hardy


Heywood Hardy


James Hardy Junior


Nina Hardy


Thomas Bush Hardy


Jabez Hare


Johannes Hari


Keith Haring


Evelyn Harke


Alexei Alexevich Harlamoff


George Henry Harlow


Mike Harman


Willems Witringa Harmen


Maurice Harmon


Anton Friedrich Harms


Johann Oswald Harms


William Michael Harnett


Rog de la Harpe


Henri Harpignies


Richard Harraden


Richard Bankes Harraden


Edwin Harris


Frederick G. Harris


Henry Harris


Joel Harris


Kevin Harris


Maeve Harris


Nolan Harris


Paul Harris


William E. Harris


James Harris of Swansea


Lowell Birge Harrison


Thomas Alexander Harrison


C. H. Hart


F. Hart


George Overbury Hart


James MacDougal Hart


James T. Hart


M. Hart


Solomon Alexander Hart


William M. Hart


Ulrich Hartig


Anton Hartinger


Carl Hartmann


Christian Ferdinand Hartmann


Frantisek Antonín Hartmann


Johann Joseph Hartmann


Ludwig von Hartmann


Heinrich Hartung


George Gunter Hartwick


George Harvey


Herbert Johnson Harvey


John Rabone Harvey


Sir George Harvey


J. Harwood


Johann Peter Hasenclever


Carl Georg Hasenpflug


Frederick Childe Hassam


Johann Heinrich Hasselhorst


Mabel Hastings


J. C. Hatchett


William Hatherell


Eduard Hau


Joseph Hauber


Johann Veit Hauck


Antoinette Cécile Hortense Lescot Haudebourt


Jean Jacques Hauer


Moses Haughton


Hendrik Manfried Haus


Günther Hauschildt


John Hauser


Rudolf Hausleitner


Friedrich Karl Hausmann


Franz Erdmann Häussler


Elias Gottlob Haussmann


Josef Hauzinger


Alfred Charles Havell


Daniel Havell


William Havell


Richard Havell the Elder


Robert Havell the Younger


Franklin de Haven


Alice Havers


J. P. Haverty


Bedrich Havranek


Simon Hawes


Louis Welden Hawkins


Nicholas Hawksmoor


Charles Webster Hawthorne


George Hay


James Hamilton Hay


William M. Hay


Benjamin Robert Haydon


Regnier de la Haye


Claude Hayes


Edwin Hayes


John Hayes


Michael Angelo Hayes


William Hayes


Francesco Hayez


James Hayllar


Kate Hayllar


Mary Hayllar


Francis Hayman


John William Haynes


John Haynes-Williams


William Jacob Hays


Max Hayslette


John Hayter


Sir George Hayter


Edward Haytley


Johnson Hayward


Sir William Haywood


John Hazlitt


Guy Head


Martin Johnson Heade


George Peter Alexander Healy


Thomas Frank Heaphy


Maud D. Heaps


Joseph Heard


Thomas Hearne


Margaret A. Heath


William Heath


Thomas Heatherley


Antoine Auguste Ernest Hébert


Ernest Hébert


Claes Jacobsz van der Heck


Abraham van der Hecke


Jan van den Hecke


Anton Heckel


Samuel van den Hecken


Gerrit Willemsz Heda


P. de Heda


Willem Claesz Heda


W. S. Hedges


Ralph Hedley


Pierre Edmond Alexandre Hédouin


Cornelis de Heem


David Cornelisz de Heem


David II de Heem


Jan Davidsz de Heem


Jan Jansz de Heem


Egbert van Heemskerck


Jacoba van Heemskerck


Maerten van Heemskerck


Margarethe de Heer


Lucas de Heere


Thomas Heeremans


Minna Heeren


Gerrit van Hees


Franz Heesche


Rob Hefferan


Robert Hefferan


Karl Heffner


Carl Wilhelm von Heidick


Joseph Heigel


Brent Heighton


Franz Heigl


Daniel van Heil


Theodore van Heil


Ferdinand Heilbuth


François-Joseph Heim


Wolfgang Heimbach


F. Heine


Johann Adalbert Heine


Wilhelm Joseph Heine


Astrid Heinecke


Eduard Heinel


Erika Heinemann


Carl Adam Heinisch


Heinrich Heinlein


August Heinrich


Christ Heinrich


Ede Heinrich


Vitus Heinrich


Friedrich Heinrich der Niederlande


John Theodore Heins


Johann Ernst Heinsius


Joseph I Heintz the Elder


Susett Heise


Johann Heiss


August Heitmuller


Joseph Antonio Hekking


Abraham de Hel


Franz Thaddaus Helbling


Jeanne Marie Joséphine Hellemans


Pierre Jean Hellemans


Melchior Heller


Ruprecht Heller


Paul César François Helleu


Carl Gustaf Hellqvist


Marcel Helman


Howard Helmick


Matheus van Helmont


Matthäus van Helmont


William Helmsley


Bartholomeus van der Helst


Nicolaes de Helt-Stocade


Jan Sanders van Hemessen


Katharina van Hemessen


William Hemsley


Charles Napier Hemy


Edward Hendeman


Charles Cooper Henderson


Jan Henderson


Joseph Henderson


T. Henderson


W. S. P. Henderson


William Henderson


Joh Hendrickson


William Henesy


Paulus Hennekyn


Philippe Auguste Hennequin


Jean-Jacques Henner


Willia Hennessy


Gustav Adolph Hennig


A. S. Henning


Johann Friedrich Hennings


Christian Pram Henningsen


Erik Henningsen


Frants Henningsen


Robert Henri


Carsten Henrichsen


Edward Lamson Henry


Thomas Henry


John Henry Henshall


Richard Henson


Herman Henstenburgh


Thomas Henwood


Isaac Henzell


Nellie Hepburn-Edmunds


Alfred Herbert


Antoine Auguste Ernest Herbert


Isabell Herbert


John Rogers Herbert


Walter Herbert


Wilfred Vincent Herbert


E. B. Herberte


François d'Herbes


Leon Herbo


Thomas Ludwig Herbst


Jacobus Melchior van Herck


Robert Herdman


William Gavin Herdman


Jules Héreau


George Edwards Hering


Hubert von Herkomer


Sir Hubert von Herkomer


Auguste Joseph Herlin


Ludwig Hermann


Ellen Hermanos


Charles Hermans


Olaf August Hermansen


Olof Hermelin


Ch. Hermes


Daniel Hernandez


Francisco Hernandez y Tomé


Andreas Herneyssen


Johanna Helena Herolt


Willem II van Herp the Younger


Willem I van Herp the Elder


Carl Herpfer


Mike Herr


Saturnino Herran


Juan de Herrera


Francisco de Herrera the Elder


Francisco I Herrera the Elder


Francisco II Herrera the Younger


Benjamin Herring


F. R. Herring


James Herring


John Frederick I Herring the Elder


John Frederick II Herring the Younger


David Herrliberger


Philipp Herrlich


Johann Herrman


Oscar Herschend


Louis Hersent


Louise Marie Jeanne Hersent


Emile Antoine François Herson


Auguste Herst


Johann Caspar Herterich


Michel Hertrich


C. Herve


Louis Adolphe Hervier


Peter Herwegen


Veronika Maria Herwegen-Manini


Herman Herzog


Jacquemart de Hesdin


Heinrich Maria Hess


Hieronymus Hess


Peter von Hess


Alexandre Jean Baptiste Hesse


Hans Hesse


Hermann Hesse


S. Hesse


Otto Hesselbom


Gustavus Hesselius


Hans Andreasen Hessellund


Catherine Heuffer


Jacob de Heusch


Willem de Heusch


Anton Heusler Haussler


Eduard von Heuss


Gerrit van den Heuvel


Henry Hewitt


James Hewlett


Jean Hey Maître de Moulins


Martina Heyd


Jacob van der Heyden


Jan van der Heyden


Friedrich Nicolai Joseph Heydendahl


Arthur Heyer


Hans Olaf Heyerdahl


Gustaaf Antoon François Heyligers


Hendrik Heyligers


August Heyn


Louis Robert Heyrault


Samuel Heywood


Anton Hickel


Matthias Hickel


Thomas Hickey


George Hickin


Fritz Hickmann


George Elgar Hicks


Friedrich Peter Hiddemann


Joseph H. Hidley


Thomas Hiepes


Joseph Highmore


Jean Baptiste Hilaire


Adolf von Hildebrand


Eduard Hildebrandt


Ernst Hildebrandt


Jesse Jewhurst Hilder


Richard Hilder


Scott Hile


Carl Hilgers


Arthur Hill


Carl Fredrik Hill


Edward Hill


Elizabeth Jane Hill


George Hill


James John Hill


John William Hill


Martin Hill


Meg Hill


Michael Jo Hill


Mrs Frederick Hill


Thomas Hill


Pauwels I van Hillegaert


Heinrich Hiller


Per Hillestrom


Lawrence Hilliard


Nicholas Hilliard


Robert Alexander Hillingford


Robert Hills


William II Hilton


Henry George Hine


Julius Hintz


Johann Ferdinand Julius Hintze


Georg Hinz


Félix Hippolyte-Lucas


Marcos Hiraldez de Acosta


Laurent de la Hire


Louis de la Hire


Adolph Hiremy-Hirschl


Ando I Hiroshige


Ando II Hiroshige


Ando III Hiroshige


Auguste Alexandre Hirsch


Hermann Hirsch


Emil Benediktoff Hirschfeld


Thomas Hirschmann


Augustin Hirschvogel


Rudolf Hirth du Frênes


George Hitchcock


Dora Hitz


Anton Hlavacek


H. Hoare


William of Bath Hoare


Meindert Hobbema


Frank Hobden


Henry Hobson


Heinz Hock


Johan Fredrik Hockert


Edmund Höd


Arne Hodalic


Léon Auguste César Hodebert


Spencer Hodge


William Hodges


Clement Hodgkinson


David Hodgson


John Evan Hodgson


Walker Hodgson


Ferdinand Hodler


Samuel John Hodson


Johann Baptist Hoechle


Johann Nepomuk Hoechle


Gaspar van der Hoecke


Jan van den Hoecke


Kasper van der Hoecke


Peter Hoecke


Robert van den Hoecke


Abraham van der Hoef


Joris Hoefnagel


Paul Hoeniger


Gérard Hoet


Emile Hoeterickx


Johann Georg Hoettinger


Jan van Hoey


Janos Hofbauer


Carl Heinrich Hoff


Theodor Josef Hubert Hoffbauer


Felicita Hoffmann


Hans Hoffmann


Nicolas Hoffmann


C. L. Hoffmeister


Johann Wilhelm Hoffnas


Thomas Christopher Hofland


Roel Hofman


Ekkehar Hofmann


Jürgen Hofmann


Samuel Hofmann


Johann Wilhelm Hofnaas


Johann Baptist Hofner


Ines Höfs


William Hogarth


Joseph Hoger


Charles Hoguet


V. Hoier


Ambrosius Holbein


Hans I Holbein the Elder (Text in Spanish but with a gallery of paintings)


Hans II Holbein the Younger


Abel Hold


S. Holden


Edward Henry Holder


Franz van Holder


Henry James G. Holding


Ransome Gillette Holdredge


William Brassey Hole


Thomas W. Holgate


Henry Holiday


Klaus Holitzka


Frank Holl


F. Mabel Hollams


Henry Holland


James Holland


John Holland


Roderich von Holland


Rodrigo of Holland


Wenceslaus Hollar


Heiko Höllings


Simon Hollosy


Charles Edward Holloway


Eva Hollyer


Per Daniel Holm


Francis Holman


Robert Holman


George Augustus Holmes


T. Holroyd


Carl Holsoe


Niels Holsoe


Johann Holst


Theodor M. von Holst


Josef Holstayn


Cornelius Holsteyn


Pieter II Holsteyn the Younger


Edwin Frederick Holt


Ludwig Holthausen


Rowland Holyoake


George Holz


Adolf Hölzel


Johann Evangelist Holzer


Gabr Holzhausen


Robert Home


Winslow Homer


Gillis Claesz d'Hondecoeter


Gysbert Hondecoeter


Melchior de Hondecoeter


Abraham Danielsz Hondius


Lambert de Hondt


John Camillus Hone


Nathaniel Hone


Gerrit van Honthorst


Willem van Honthorst


Horatius Hooch


Pieter de Hooch


Albert Hood


Engel Hoogerheyden


Samuel van Hoogstraten


Allan J. Hook


James Clarke Hook


Anne Hooke


Joseph Dalton Hooker


William Hooker


Berthe Hoola van Nooten


Fiona Hoop


John Horace Hooper


Michael Hopf


Arthur Hopkins


Edith Hopkins


Francis Powell Hopkins


W. H. Hopkins


Edward William John Hopley


John Hoppner


Gwendoline Mary Hopton


Henry Silkstone Hopwood


Hector Horeau


Jan Josef I Horemans


Jan Josef II Horemans


Peter Jakob Horemans


George W. Horlor


Theodor von Hormann


Thomas L. Hornbrook


Edward Atkinson Hornel


Christian Hornemann


Franz Horny


Leopold Stephan Horovitz


Hopkins Horsley Hobday Horsley


John Calcott Horsley


Hajo Horstmann


William Samuel Horton


Helena Horwitz


Michio Hoshino


Amanda Hoskin


John I Hoskins


John II Hoskins


Jean Nicolas l'Hôte


Michel-Ange Houasse


René Antoine Houasse


Arnold Houbraken


Frédéric Anatole Houbron


Gerrit Houckgeest


Henricu Houdius


Jean Antoine Houdon


Jean Pierre Houel


Nicolas Houel


William B. Hough


Arthur Boyd Houghton


John Houlditch


Charles Housez


John Adam P. Houston


Richard Houston


Jacques Houzeau


Hubertus van Hove


Beatrice How


9th Earl of Carlisle Howard


Henry Howard


Joseph Howard


W. Howard


James Howe


Samuel Howell


W. Howell


Samuel Howett


Samuel Howitt


Thomas Fisher Hoxton


Philip Hoyoll


Albena Hristova


Conrad Huber


Jean Huber


Léon Charles Huber


Rudolf Carl Huber


Wolf Huber


Johann Rudolf Huber the Elder


J. Huberts


Emile Auguste Hublin


Carl Hubner


Carl Hübner


Julius Hübner


Leonhart Hubner


Jan van Huchtenberg


Jan van Huchtenburgh


George Huddesford


Ellen Hudson


Henry John Hudson


Thomas Hudson


Charles Desiré Hue


Jean François Hue


Jules Huebner


Juan de la Huerta


Jean-Baptiste Huet


Paul Huet


William Huggins


William John Huggins


Arthur Foord Hughes


Edward Hughes


Edward Robert Hughes


Edwin Hughes


Manuel Hughes


Nathan Hughes


Thomas John Hughes


Trajan Hughes


William Hughes


Adèle Julie Hugo


Georges Hugo


Pierre Honoré Hugrel


Jan van Hugthenburgh


Jaume Huguet


Victor-Pierre Huguet


Abraham Hulk


Johannes Frederick Hulk


John Frederick Hulk


William Hull


Frederick William Hulme


Jacob van Hulsdonck


Frans de Hulst


Maerten Fransz van der Hulst


Theresa Hültner


W. Humber


Jacques Fernand Humbert


Baron Friedrich von Humboldt


Adolf Humborg


Edith Hume


Johann Erdmann Hummel


Winifred Humphery


Hannah Humphrey


Ozias Humphry


Friedensreich Hundertwasser


Thomas H. Hunn


Karlis Fridikh Huns


Alfred William Hunt


Arthur Ackland Hunt


Charles Hunt


E. Aubrey Hunt


Mike Hunt


William Henry Hunt


William Holman Hunt


Johann Emil Hünten


Colin Hunter


Elizabeth Hunter


George Leslie Hunter


George Sherwood Hunter


James Hunter


John Hunter


Lieutenant James Hunter


Robert Hunter


Virg Huntington


Louis Bosworth Hurt


Robert Huskisson


Giles Hussey


William Huston


G. Hutchinson


J. Hutchison


Urbanus Huter


Petra Hüther


Charles François Hutin


Walter C. Strich Hutton


Richard Huttula


Pieter Huys


Jacob Huysmans


Jan-Baptist Huysmans


Pieter Huyssens


Jan van Huysum


Vojtech Hynais


Laurent de la Hyre


Louis de la Hyre


Marguerite de la Hyre


Hans Hysing


Gabriela Ibarra


Julius Caesar Ibbetson


Ernesto Icaza


Frederick Ifold


Gustav Igler


Elena Ilku


Peter Vilhelm Ilsted


Peter Ilstedt


Anthony Imbert


Elke Imhof


Josse Impens


A. Jules Van Imschoot


Joseph Murray Ince


John William Inchbold


Bernadino India


Girolamo Induno


Pietro degli Ingannati


Angelo Inganni


Admiral Sir Edward Augustus Inglefield


Jorge Inglés


Dominique Ingres


Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres


Henry Inman


John O'Brian Inman


Ivor Innes


James Dickson Innes


George Inness


George Inness Junior


Joaquin Inza


Ignacio Iriarte


Wilson Henry Irvine


Pieter Isaacsz


Jean-Baptiste Isabey


Louis Gabriel Eugène Isabey


Emile Isenbart


Adriaen Isenbrandt


Adriaen Isenbrant


Kaspar Isenmann


Andeas de Islas


Giuseppe Isola


Isaac Israels


Jozef Israels


Hans Iten


Francisco de Iturrino


Andrei Ivanov


Anton Ivanovich Ivanov


Pavel Alexeyevich Ivanov


Alexander Andrejewitsch Iwanow


Sergej Iwanow


Marie Joseph Léon Clavel Iwill


Martin Jablonski


Frederick Hamilton Jackson


Frederick William Jackson


George Jackson


Gilbert Jackson


Helen Jackson


John Jackson


Samuel Phillips Jackson


Samuel R. W. S. Jackson


William Jackson


Loic Jacob


Jacques Jacobi


Georg Jacobides


Adolphe Jacobs


Jacob Jacobs


Julius Jacobs


Lambert Jacobs


Scott Jacobs


Antonio Jacobsen


Antonio Jacobson


David Jacob Jacobson


Cornelis Jacobsz


Dirk Jacobsz


Jacob Jacobsz


Juriaen Jacobsz


Lambert Jacobsz


George Percy Jacomb-Hood


Victors Jacomo


Claude Jacquand


Charles Emile Jacques


Gustave Jacquet


Mathieu Jacquet


Henri Jacquier


Phillip Jaeger


Ferdinand Jagemann


Karl von Jagemann


Gustav Jager


Charles Sergeant Jagger


Juliane Jahn


Georg Jakobides


Dirck Jakobsz


Lambert Jakobsz


Valerij Iwanowitsch Jakoby


Georgij Bogdanovic Jakulov


Jean Jalabert


Louis Alexis Jamar


David James


Edith Augusta James


William James


George Jameson


Middleton Jameson


Rosa Jameson


George Jamesone


Paul Jamin


Ange-Louis Janet


Jean-François Janinet


Wolf Janke


János Jankó


György Jankovics


Louis Janmot


Franz Christoph Jannek


Vaclav Jansa


C. Jansen


W. Jansens


Betty Jansma


Gheerart Janssen


Horst Janssen


Jacob Janssen


Victor Emil Janssen


Hieronymus Janssens


Jan Janssens


Pieter Janssens


W. van Janssens


Pieter Janssens Elinga


Cornelius I Janssens van Ceulen


Cornelius II Janssens van Ceulen


Abraham Janssens van Nuyssen


Eugène Jansson


Govaert Jansz


Liz Jardine


Nikolai Alex. Jaroschenko


Michail Michailowitsch Jarowoj


John Wesley Jarvis


Sebastian Jaud


J. Jaunbersin


Jean Jauneau


Juan de Jauregui y Aguilar


N. Javrillard


Alex Jawdokimov


Alexei Jawlensky


Florence Jay


William Samuel Jay


Paris Jean André Lepaute


Edouard Jeanmarie


Georges Jeannin


Pierre Georges Jeanniot


Philippe Auguste Jeanron


Etienne Jeaurat


Nicolas Henri Jeaurat de Bertry


Gavriel Jecan


Thomas Jefferson


Alexej J. Jegoroff


Jakob Jehle


Awdotja Petrowna Jelagina


Blanche Jenkins


Joseph John Jenkins


Wilfred Jenkins


John Jenkinson


E. Jennings


Christian Albrecht Jensen


Frank Jensen


Johan Laurentz Jensen


Oluf Simony Jensen


Anita Jeram


Holger H. Jerichau


August Jernberg


August Andreas Jerndorff


Charles Jervas


Alexander Jesse


Carl Ludwig Jessen


Carol Jesson


José Teofilo de Jesús


Eugène Jettel


Henry le Jeune


Rodolfo Jimenez


Louis Jimenez y Aranda


Federico Jimenez y Fernandez


Leandro Joachim


Robert Jobling


Harry Jochmus


Silvia Joel


Sylvia Joel


Alfred Johannot


Tony Johannot


Cornelis I Johnson


Cyrus Johnson


David Johnson


Eastman Johnson


Edward Killingsworth Johnson


Harry John Johnson


James Johnson


Thomas Johnson


Alexander Johnston


Harry Hamilton Johnston


George Whitton Johnstone


Henry James Johnstone


Susan Jokelson


Antonio Joli


Martin Gwilt Jolley


Pierre Jules Jollivet


Henri Jean Baptiste Jolly


Philippe Jolyet


Horst Jonas


Gabriel Germain Joncherie


Captain Edward Jones


Charles Jones


Daniel Jones


Esther H. Jones


Francis Coates Jones


George Jones


Hampson Jones


Herbert Jones


Hugh Bolton Jones


Owen Jones


Paul Jones


Robert Jones


Samuel Egbert Jones


Sir Horace Jones


Thomas Jones


William E. Jones


Frans de Jong


Johan Antonio de Jonge


Ludolf de Jonge


Claude de Jongh


Frans de Jongh


Ludolf de Jongh


Gustave Leonard de Jonghe


Gustave Léonhard de Jonghe


Johan Barthold Jongkind


Victor Jonquières


Joseph Middleton Jopling


Mme Jopling née Goode


A. Jordaens


Hans III Jordaens


Jacob Jordaens


Symon Jordaens


Lucas Jordan


Rudolf Jordan


William Jordan


George Francis Joseph


Ernst Josephson


Alexandre Josquin


Keith Joubert


Isaac de Jouderville


Emile Jourdan


Jacques Jourdan


Jean Jouvenet


Joseph Nicolas Jouy


Paul Jovanovic


George William Joy


John Cantiloe Joy


Thomas Musgrave Joy


William Joy


Jules Romain Joyant


Juan de Juanes alias Vicente Joannes Macip


José Juarez


Jens Juel


Victor Henri Juglar


Carlos Juliao


Joseph Julien


Pierre Julien


Jean Antoine Julien de Parme


Denis Jully


Justus Juncker


Klaus Jung


Theodore Jung


Johann II Jungblut


Juan de Juni


F. S Juravlev


Antoine Juste


Jean I Juste


Jean II Juste


Henry Jutsum


Carl Jutz


Andreas Thomas Juuel


Carl Ludwig Kaaz


Ernst Kahl


Eugen von Kahler


Ernst Kaiser


Franz Kaisermaan


Leopold Karl Walter von Kalckreuth


Stanislaus Graf Kalckreuth


Willem Kalf


Vasili Efimovich Kallistov


Friedrich Kallmorgen


Kaspar Kaltenmoser


Max Kaltenmoser


Sonja Kaminski


Godaert Kamper


Eugen Kampf


Jan Kamphuijsen


Rolf Kampmann


Wassily Kandinsky


Paul Kane


Edmund Friedrich Kanoldt


Jakoff Fjodorowitsch Kapkoff


Albert Kappis


Carl Karger


Anna Nikolaeva Karinskaya


Akim Egorovich Karneev


Stepan Mikhailovich Karpov


Kaspar Karsen


Kasparus Karssen


Nikolaj A. Kasatkin


Janez Kastav


Hermann Frederik C. ten Kate


Mari Johann M. Henri ten Kate


E. Kato


E. A. Katsman


Sabine Katterle


W. B. Katz


Angelica Kauffmann


Hermann Kauffmann


Hugo Wilhelm Kauffmann


Adolf Kaufmann


Isidor Kaufmann


Theodor Kaufmann


Reni Kauka


Friedrich August von Kaulbach


Hermann Kaulbach


Wilhelm von Kaulbach


Joseph Malachy Kavanagh


John Kay


Paul Kaye


Thomas Kearnan


William Knight Keeling


John Keenan


Charles Keene


Desiré de Keghel


Bernardt Keil


Eberhard Keil


Alexander Keirincx


William Keith


A. van der Kelen


Albert von Keller


Amalia Keller


Ferdinand Keller


Friedrich von Keller


Johann-Heinrich Keller


Detl Kellermann


Paul W. Keller-Reutlingen


Caroline Kelly


Robert George Talbot Kelly


T. Kelly


Robert Kemm


Frederick Kemmelmeyer


Charles E. Kempe


Harriet Kempe


Ron Kempton


Charles Napier Kennedy


John Kennedy


William Kennedy


Thomas Benjamin Kennington


John Frederick Kensett


Frans Kerckhoff


Jacob van der Kerckhoven


Anton Kern


Hermann Kern


Charles Henry Malcolm Kerr


Anton Kerschbaumer


Frederic Kerseboom


Johannes Kerseboom


Georg Friedrich Kersting


Ferdinand van Kessel


Hendrik van Kessel


Jan Thomasz van Kessel


Luigi Kessel


Jan I van Kessel the Elder


Jan II van Kessel the Younger


C. F Kessler


Daniel Kessler


Stephan Kessler


Cornelis Ketel


Lutz R. Ketscher


Henry Kettle


Tilly Kettle


Johan Gerard Keulemans


F. E. Keuschden


Adriaen Thomas Key


Willem Key


Bernardt Keyl


Frederick W. Keyl


Thomas Keyse


Nicaise de Keyser


Thomas de Keyser


Keyworth the Elder


Keyworth the Younger


Fernand Khnopff


Frederik Christian Kiaerskou


Simon Kick


William Kidd


Martin Kiefer


Christa Kieffer


Kitty Lange Kielland


Theodor Julius Kiellerup


Conrad Kiesel


George Goodwin Kilburne


Lucas  Kilian


Wolfgang Kilian


Benjamin Killingbeck


S. L. Kilpack


Ron Kimball


Hayter Kinch


Emma Kinder


Adolph Diedrich Kindermann


Mary Evelina Kindon


David Kindt


Marianne Kindt


Agnes Gardner King


Charles Bird King


Haynes King


Henry John Yeend King


John King


Michael King


Samuel King


Stephen King


Thomas W. King


Frederick Gerald Kinnaird


Henry John Kinnaird


J. Kinney


James Kinsella


François Josephe Kinson


Mike Kipling


Orest Adamovich Kiprensky


Otto Kirberg


Albert Emil Kirchner


Karste Kirchner


D. Kirk


J. Kirk


Rupert Kirk


Sir John Kirk


Michael Kirmer


J. Kirner


Károly Kisfaludy


Balint Kiss


Richard Kissling


Adolph Kiste


Peter Kitchell


Alexej Danilovich Kivschenko


Fedor Andreevich Klages


Hans Hug Klauber


Bodhan Kleczynski


Paul Klee


Theodor Kleehaas


Laurens Johannes Kleijn


Milèn de Kleijn


Franz Klein


Johann Adam Klein


Wilhelm Klein


Salomon Kleiner


Johann Christian Klengel


Leo von Klenze


Julius Sergius von Klever


David Kleyne


Edouard Klieber


Bernd Klimmer


Gustav Klimt


Hedy Klineman


Il Klingelhöfer


Max Klinger


Johannes Karel Christian Klinkenberg


Olajfestmenye Klinovszki


Ortwin Klipp


Michail Konstantinowitsch Klodt


Piotr Klodt


baron Mikhail Petrovich Klodt von Jurgensburg


Johann-Bernard Klombeck


Valentin Klotz


Hans von Klumbach


Mike Klung


Robert Kluth


P. L .F. Kluyver


Ferdinand Knab


Joseph Knapp


George Knapton


Petrus Renier Hubertus Knarren


Raymond Knaub


Ludwig Knaus


Franz Knebel Junior


Karin Kneffel


Adolphus Knell


William Adolphus Knell


William Calcott Knell


Godfrey Kneller


John Zachary Kneller


Sir Godfrey Kneller


A. Roland Knight


Charles Parsons Knight


Daniel Ridgway Knight


John Bavistock Knight


John William Buxton Knight


Kate Knight


Mary Ann Knight


Paul Knight


William Henry Knight


Leendert Knijff


Leonard Knijff


Augustus Knip


Henriette Gertruide Knip


Joseph August Knip


Georg Wenzeslaus von Knobelsdorff


Martin Knoller


August Knoop


Hugo Knorr


Richard Knötel


Nicole Knoth


Davidson Knowles


George Sheridan Knowles


James Knowles


James Thomas Knowles


Brownlow Knox


John Knox


Geelmuyden Bull Knud


Nicolaus Knüpfer


Sandra Knuyt


Jacob Knyff


Wouter Knyff


Ferdinand Kobell


Wilhelm Alexander Wolfgang von Kobell


Marcin Kober


Christen Købke


Christen Schjellerup Kobke


Georg Koch


Heinrich Wilhelm Julius Koch


Hermann Koch


Joseph Anton Koch


Ludwig Koch


Lutz Ulrich Koch


Max Koch


Margret Köchermann


Julius Kockert


H. W. Kockkock


Christen Koebke


Issac Koedyck


Robert Koehler


Barend Cornelisz Koekkoek


Hendrik Barend Koekkoek


Hermanus Koekkoek


Marin Adriaen Koekkoek


Willem Koekkoek


Jan Philip Koelman


Jan Koerbecke


Johann Koerbecke


Pancraz Koerle


Alexander Koester


P. Koets


Roloef Koets


Christian Köhler


Lisette Kohlhagen


Ludwig Kohrl


Carl Wilhelm Kolbe


Heinrich Christoph Kolbe


Aleksei Mikhailovich Kolesov


Ivan Kolisnyk


Helmut von Hugel Kolle


Martin Koller


Oskar Koller


Rudolf Koller


Wilhelm Koller


Thomas Kolozsvari


Jan ten Kompe


Janina Konarsky


Gavril Pavlovich Kondratenko


Hans Konig


Johann Konig


Johann König


David de Koninck


Kerstiaen de Koninck


Philips Koninck


Salomon Koninck


Leendert de Koningh


Jörn Konrad


Willem Kool


Willem Koolen


Gustav Koppel


Alexei Mikhailovich Korin


Ogata Korin


Ernst Karl Eugen Körner


Valdemar Vincent Kornerup


E. Korneyev


Kriesh Aladar Korosfoi


Petr Korovin


Alexei Korsuchin


Frank Kortan


Aleksei Ivanovich Korzukhin


Franz Xavier Kosler


Gavriil Koslov


Juliusz Kossak


Kiviak Konstantinov Kostandi


Franciszek Kostrzewski


Hugo Kotschenreiter


Aleksander Kotsis


Alexander von Kotzebue


Aleah Koury


Constantin Kousnetzov


Olege Kouvaev


Pieter van Kouwenhoorn


Dr. laszlo Kova


Mihaly Kovacs


Andreas Kovar


Pawel Kowalewsky


Anton Kozakiewicz


Valeria Kozina


Peter Kraemer


August Krafft


Barbara Krafft


David von Krafft


Johann Peter Krafft


Per Krafft


Andrea Kraft


Hermann Kramer


Peter Krämer


Iwan Nikolajewitsch Kramskoi


Edward Kranick


Hans Kransberger


Stephe Kraseman


Otolia Kraszewska


Charles Louis Kratke


Georg Melchior Kraus


Gustav Wilhelm Kraus


Francis Krause


Wilhelm Kray


Hans Krell


Rudolf Kremlicka


Jevgraf Fiodorovitch Krendovsky


G. F. Krenn


Ralf Kresin


Robert Kretzchmar


Johann Kretzschmer


Johann Friedrich Carl Kreul


Josef Kreutzinger


Cornelius Krieghoff


Josef Nikolaus Kriehuber


Bob Krist


Elisabeth Krobs


Wolfgang Krodel


Christian Krohg


Julius Kronberg


Karl Kronberger


Johan Fredrik Krouthen


Peter Severin Kroyer


Eva Krüger


Franz Kruger


Franz Krüger


Ferdinand Krumholz


Alie Kruse-Kolk


Cornelis Kruseman


Frederik Marianus Kruseman


Jan Adam Janszoon Kruseman


Max Krusemark


Cornelis Kruys


Nikifor Stepanow Kryloff


Konstantin Yakovlevich Kryzhitsky


Konrad Krzyzanowski


Alexandre Kucharski


Max Kuchel


Elias Friedrich Küchlin


Gerhard von Kuegelgen


Gotthard Kuehl


Judith Kuehne


Franz Gerhard von Kugelgen


Gerhard Kügelgen


Ingeborg Kuhn


Johann-Baptist Kuhn


Friedrich Kühnel


Wilhelm Kuhnert


Arkip Ivanovic Kuindzi


C. Kuipers


Hans Suess Kulmbach


Hans Suess von Kulmbach


Michael Kungl


Gustav Adolf Kuntz


Leopold Kupelwieser


Johann Kupetzky


Johann Kupezky


Ludwik Kurella


Maria Antonia Kurfuerstin Friedrich Christian von Sachsen


Johann Kurtweil


Friedrich Kurz


Eduard Kurzbauer


Max Kurzweil


Amalia Kussner


Karl Kustner


Boris Michailowitsch Kustodiew


Jürgen Kustosch


Charles Euphrasie Kuwasseg


Jean Louis van Kuyck


Gysbert van de Kuyl


Nikolai Dmitrievich Kuznetsov


Susan Kuznitsky


Antar Teofil Kwiatowski


Jasper van der Laanen


Emanuel Labhardt


Adélaide Labille-Guiard


Emile Edme Laborne


Juan de Labrador


Carlo Labruzzi


Demeter Laccataris


Francisco Lacoma


Georges Lacombe


Pierre Lacour


Jean Edouard Lacretelle


Charles François Lacroix de Marseille


Pierre Lacur


Charles John de Lacy


Gérard Lacz


John Berney Ladbrooke


Robert Ladbrooke


Edward Ladell


Ellen Ladell


Adolf Ladurner


Pieter van Laer


Augusta Laessoe


Gustav Laeverenz


Prosper Lafait


John Lafarge


Prosper Lafaye


Louis Lafitte


Cécile Berthe Lafosse


Gabriel Amable de Lafoulhouze


Niclas II Lafrensen


Antonio Lafreri


Luis Lagarto


Eugène Lagier


Olga Antonova Lagoda-Shishkina


Lew Felixowitsch Lagorio


Anthelme François Lagrenée


Louis François Lagrenée


Jean Jacques II Lagrenée the Elder


Jean Jacques I Lagrenée the Younger


John Laguerre


Alexis Marie Lahaye


William Ward Laing


Jean Louis César Lair


Campbell Laird


Gérard de Lairesse


Gérard de la Lairesse


Paul Lairesse


Henri Adolphe Laissement


Jacques Lajoue


Oscar Lakeman


Jacques de Lalaing


François Hippolyte Lalaisse


Louise Lalande


Maxime Lalanne


Jean Baptiste Lallemand


Giulia Lama


Madame de Lamartine


George Cochran Lambdin


Jules Lambeaux


Albert Lambert


E. F. Lambert


Eugène Lambert


George Lambert


George Washington Lambert


Louis Eugène Lambert


Maurice Walter Edmond de Lambert


S. Lambert


Emile Lambinet


Jan Baptist Lambrechts


Christof Jacobsz van der Lamen


Christoffel Jacobsz van der Lamen


Jasper van der Lamen


Francisco Lameyer


Claudio Lami


Eugène Louis Lami


Ernest Lami de Nozan


Ary Johannes Lamme


Thomas Reynolds Lamont


François Lamorinière


Giovanni Battista Lampi


Jan Chrzciciel Lampi the Elder


Ludovico Lana


Richard Hume Lancaster


Eveline Lance


Manuel Lance


Egisto Lancerotto


Baldassare Lanci


Auguste André Lancon


Joseph Ferdinand Lancrenon


Nicolas Lancret


Victor Patricio Landaluce


Charles Landelle


Robert Thomas Landells


Christian Landenberger


Federico Landi


Gaspare Landi


Andrea Landini


Charles Paul Landon


F. Landsberg


Charles Landseer


George Landseer


Sir Edwin Henry Landseer


Nicolaus Alexander Mair von Landshut


Jan Baptiste de Landtsheer


Fitz Hugh Lane


Theodore Lane


Jasper van der Lanen


Jean Louis Laneuville


Giovanni Lanfranco


Louis Lang


Rob Lang


Antoni Lange


Edward Lange


Erin Lange


Joseph Lange


Ludwig Lange


Dirk Langendyk


Johann Peter von Langer


Gian Battista Langetti


Pascal Langevin


Jörg Langhans


Dietrich Langko


Josef Langl


Jean Baptiste Gabriel Langlace


Walter Langley


Jean Charles Langlois


Jérome Martin Langlois


Mark Langlois


Hans Langner


François Langrenée


Félix Hippolyte Lanoue


François Emile de Lansac


Emmanuel Lansyer


Simon Mathurin Lantara


Frans Lanting


Peter Lanzinger


Niccolo Francesco Lapi


P. Lapira


George Henry Laporte


John Laporte


Pierre Laprade


Georgina Lara


James Large


Nicolas de Largilliere


Nicolas de Largillière


Charles Philippe Auguste de Larivière


Charles-Philippe Lariviere


William Larkin


Armand Laroche


Marcellus I Laroon the Elder


Marcellus II Laroon the Younger


Guillaume Larrue


Carl Johan Larsen


Knud Erik Larsen


Marcus Larson


Carl Larsson


Nils A. Larsson


Juan Lascano


G. Lasellaz


Johann Adolf Lasinsky


Emile Lassalle


Hans August Lasser


Charles Lasteyrie du Saillant


Pieter Lastman


François Vincent Mathieu Latil


François Adrien Grasognon Latinville


Benjamin Henry Latrobe


Charles James Lauder


Josef Lauer


Désiré François Laugée


Francesco Laurana


Luciano Laurana


Jules Laure


Samuel Laurence


Sidney Laurence


Jean Joseph Bonaventure Laurens


Jean Paul Laurens


Jean-Pierre Laurens


Jules Joseph Augustin Laurens


Paul Albert Laurens


Ernest-Joseph Laurent


Jean Antoine Laurent


Henri Alphonse Louis Laurent-Desrousseaux


Tommaso Laureti


Filippo Lauri


Charles Laval


Jean-Michel Laval


Pierre Louis de Laval


Alphonse Lavaudan


Ludwig de Laveaux


Ludwik de Laveaux


I. A. Lavrov


Matthew James Lawless


John Lawrence


Samuel Lawrence


Sir Thomas Lawrence


Cecil Gordon Lawson


Ernest Lawson


John Lawson


Fortuné Joseph Séraphin Layraud


Jean Raymond Hippolyte Lazerges


Paul John Baptiste Lazerges


Sebastiano Lazzari


Gregorio Lazzarini


Benjamin Williams Leader


James Leakey


Fernando Leal


Charles Léandre


Edward Lear


Charles Leaver


Lucy Ann Leavers


Louis Hippolyte Lebas


Klawdij Wassiljewitsch Lebedjeff


Charles Jacques Lebel


Horace Leblanc


Richard Leblanc


Théodore Leblanc


Albert Lebourg


Louis Lebreton


Jean Baptiste Lebrun


Edmond Lechevallier-Chevignard


Léon Louis Leclaire


Victoire Leclaire


Jean Leclerc


Sébastien Leclerc


Edmond Leclerq


Hippolyte Lecomte


Paul Lecomte


Victor Lecomte


Jean Jules Antoine Lecomte du Nouey


Jacques Leconte


C. F. Ledebour


Moritz Ledeli


Christof Lederwasch


Blas de Ledesma


Anna Lee


Anthony Lee


Cheryl Lee


Frederick Richard Lee


James N. Lee


James R. Lee


John J. Lee


Spencer Lee


William Lee


John Leech


Raymond Leech


Ferdinand Leeke


Antonius Leemans


Johannes Leemans


Thomas Leemans


Cornelis van Leemputten


T. Leemputten


Willem van Leen


Cornelius van Leeputten


David Lees


Derwent Lees


F. J. Lees


Alexis de Leeuw


Gerrit Van Leeuwen


Charles Lefebvre


Claude Lefebvre


Jules Joseph Lefebvre


Robert Lefevre


Silke Leffler


Jean Louis Lefort


Silvestro Lega


Anton Michailow Legaschoff


Léon Legat


Rowley Leggett


Stefano Maria Legnani


Fernand Legout-Gérard


Pierre Nicolas Legrand


Amélie Legrand de Saint-Aubin


Frederic Legrip


Alphonse Legros


Pierre Legros


Laurel Lehman


Henri Lehmann


Kai Lehmann


Wilhelm Auguste Rudolf Lehmann


Wilhelm Lehmbruck


Wilhelm Maria Hubertus Leibl


Charles Henri Joseph Leickert


Poto Leifi


Ethel Leigh


Edmund Blair Leighton


Frederic Leighton


Wilhelm Leisten


Walter Leistikow


Richard Principal Leitch


William Leighton Leitch


Henry Lejeune


Louis Lejeune


Adolphe Pierre Leleux


Adriaen de Lelie


Cornelis van Lelienbergh


Alexandre Louis Leloir


Héloïse Leloir


Sir Peter Lely


Jacques François Lemaire


Jean Lemaire


Louis Marie Lemaire


Madeleine Lemaire


Pierre Lemaire


Pierre Lemaire-Poussin


Léon Lemaître


Yuri Yakovlevich Leman


Georg Lemberger


Georges Lemmen


C. Lemmermayer


Kirill Wikentjewitsch Lemoch


Arthur Lemon


Gabriel Lemonnier


François Fréderic Lemot


François Lemoyne


Jean Baptiste Lemoyne


Edmond Lempereur


Tamara de Lempicka


Charles Lenars


Franz von Lenbach


Jules Eugène Lenepveu


François Louis Lenfant


Pierre Lenfant


Alexandre Marie Lenoir


André Lenoir


Charles Amable Lenoir


Andreas Lens


Andries Lens


Bernard III Lens


Jan Lens


Paul-Peter Lens


Lance Lensfield


Johann Jakob von Lentz


Ignacio León y Escosura


Agathon Leonard


J. Leonard


John Henry Leonard


José Leonardo


Jusepe Leonardo


Lorenzo Leonbruno


Angiola Leone


Ludovico Leone


Eduard Leonhardi


Leone Leoni


Ottavio Mario Leoni


Wilhelm Leopolski


François Gabriel Guillaume Lepaulle


Jean Lepautre


Pierre Lepautre


Auguste Lepère


Nicolas-Bernard Lepicie


Ferdinand Lepie


Stanislas Lépine


Eugène Modeste Edmond Lepoittevin


Louis Lepoittevin


Carl Seb Lepper


Marcel Leprin


Auguste-Xavier Leprince


Léopold Leprince


Prudent Louis Leray


Henri Lerolle


Louis Hector Leroux


Etienne Leroy


Jules Leroy


Louis Lesanges


Charles Leslie


Charles Robert Leslie


George Dunlop Leslie


Jean Lespinasse


Louis-Nicolas de Lespinasse


Adolphe Alexandre Lesrel


Tito Lessi


Carl Friedrich Lessing


Léon de Lestang-Parade


Jacques Philippe Lesueur


Pierre Antoine Lesueur


Albert Letchford


Pierre Letellier


Philipp Letestu


Guillaume Lethière


Antonino Leto


Louis René Letronne


F. Lettie


I. Letunow


Hippolyte Lety


Augustus Wilhelm Leu


Hans Leu


Michael Leu


Louis Félix Leullier


Emanuel Leutze


Friedrich de Leuw


Frans Leux


John Levack


Petr Levchenko


Phoebus Levin


Andrew Levine


Dmitri Grigor'evich Levitsky


Robert Levrac de Tournières


Nicolas Levreince


Emile Lévy


Henri Lévy


John William Lewin


Stephen Lewin


Charles James Lewis


Edmund Darch Lewis


Frederick S. Lewis


George Leonard Lewis


Henry Lewis


J. Hardwicke Lewis


John Frederick Lewis


Judith Lewis


Isaak Iljitsch Lewitan


Dimitrij Grigorjewitsch Lewizkij


Danilo Lex


S. J. van der Ley


Otto Leyde


Lucas van Leyden


Nikolaus Gerhaert von Leyden


Mathias Leyendecker


Carl Julius von Leypold


baron Leys


Judith Leyster


Léon Augustin Lhermite


Charles Marie Lhuillier


Kevin Liang


Gottfried Libalt


Hervé Libaud


Pietro Liberi


Georg Emil Libert


Louis Licherie de Beuron


And Lichtenberg


Wilhelm Lichtenheld


Roy Lichtenstein


Bernardino Licinio


Charles Sillem Lidderdale


Max Liebermann


Carl-Hein Lieck


Charles Henri Joseph Lieckert


Loyset Liédet


Josse Lieferinxe


Paul Liégeois


Nicolaas de Liemakere


Adolf Heinrich Lier


Jan Lievens


Sándor Liezen-Mayer


Antal Ligeti


Colonel William Light


Piero Ligorio


Pirro Ligorio


Bartolomeo Ligozzi


Francesco Ligozzi


Giacomo Ligozzi


Jacopo Ligozzi


Heinrich Lihl


Gijsbrecht Lijtens


Peter Lik


Andrea Lilio


Arvid Liljelund


Andreas Lillienberg


Edmund Lilly


Brüder von Limburg


Léonard Limousin


Louis M. A. Linant de Bellefonds


Jacques Linard


Hazel Lincoln


Gottfried Lindauer


Adriaen van der Linde


Hermann Linde


Amalia Lindegren


Wilhelm von Lindenschmidt the Younger


Wilhelm I Lindenschmit the Elder


Amalia Lindergren


Berndt Lindholm


John Lindley


Julius Lindner


Sir Coutts Lindsay


Frederick Joseph Butler Lines


S. R. Lines


Eléonore Linet


Johannes Lingelbach


Otto Theodor Gustav Lingner


Carl Linnaeus


James Thomas Linnell


John Linnell


William Linnell


Egidius Linnig


Willem Linnig


Adolf Lins


Hendrik van Lint


Peter van Lint


Jacobus Linthorst


Johannes Linthorst


Sir James Dromgole Linton


W. J. Linton


William Linton


Jean Marie Liot


Jean Liotard


Jean Etienne Liotard


Baron Ernest Friedrich von Liphart


Filippino Lippi


Fra Filippo Lippi


Lorenzo Lippi


Johann Lis


Pieter Lisaert


Johann Christoph Lischka


Anna Dorothea Lisiewska


Johann Liss


Philippe Lissac


Dirck van der Lisse


Friedrich Lissmann


Wilhelm List


Alexander Dimitrievitch Litovtchenko


Bartolomeo Litterini


J. Little


Henry Liverseege


Richard Livesay


John Livingstone


Gaspar Miro Lleo


Juan Llimona y Bruguera


Thomas James R. W. S. Lloyd


Walker Stuart Lloyd


F. Lloyds


James Lobley


Timoleon Maria Lobrichon


Andrea Locatelli


Carl Locher


Stephan Lochner


Frederick William Lock


William Ewart Lockhart


Capt. Charles A. Lodder


James Loder


Giovanni Agostino da Lodi


Harmen Loeding


Johan Cornelisz van Loenen


Elisabet Loesch


Sigi Loew


Will Lof


Leopold Löffler


Marion Logsdail


Anna Lohengrin


August Lohr


Friedrich Anton Lohrmann


Jacob Loic


Luigi Loir


Marianne Loir


Nicolas Loir


Gustave Loiseau


J. L. Lomas


John Arthur Lomax


Giovanni Paolo Lomazzo


Lambert Lombard


Robert Lombardi


Serg Lombardino


Pietro Lombardo


Tullio Lombardo


Aurelio Lomi


Wilhelm Lommen


Mikhail Vasilievich Lomonosov


Amelia Long


Edwin Long


Jeff Long


James Barton Longacre


William Verner Longe


Baldassare Longhena


Alessandro Longhi


Barbara Longhi


Pietro Longhi


Ernest Longmate


Emilio Longoni


Raoul M. de Longpré


Edgar Longstaffe


Alexandre Marie Longuet


James Lonsdale


François Louis Lonsing


Carle van Loo


Charles Amédée Philippe van Loo


Charles André van Loo


Jacob van Loo


Jacques van Loo


Jean-Baptiste van Loo


Jules Cesar Denis van Loo


Louis Michael van Loo


Louis Michel van Loo


Friedrich Loos


Hans Looschen


Basile de Loose


Jan Looten


Candido López


Gasparo López


Gregorio López


Vicente López y Portaña


José López-Enguidanos


T. Alceves Loredo


Ambrogio Lorenzetti


Pietro Lorenzetti


Stoldo Lorenzi


Dante Lorenzo


Fiorenzo di Lorenzo


Veneziano Lorenzo


Peter Anton Lorenzoni


Vincenzo Loria


Didier Lorillot


Anthonie de Lorme


Paul Lormier


Claude Lorrain or Claude Gélée or Claude le Lorrain


Louis Joseph le Lorrain


Jean François Lorta


Gabriel Lory


Matthias Lory


Johann Jacob de Lose


Anton Pawlowitsch Lossenko


Heinrich Lossow


Johann Karl Loth


Johann Ulrich Loth


Lorenzo Lotto


Károly Lotz


Eduard Moritz Lotze


Emile Loubon


William Mouat Loudan


Jane Loudon


Thomas Lound


Michel Loup


Didier Lourenco


Louis Auguste Georges Loustaunau


Jacques Philippe de Loutherbourg


Philip James de Loutherbourg


Edmond Louyot


Samuel Lover


Juan Lovera


Clinton Loveridge


Ponziano Loverini


Matteo Loves


Charles Frederick Lowcock


Strickland Lowry


Charles Auguste Loye


Charles Antoine Loyeux


Benjamin Loyseau


I. Lozano


José Honorato Lozano


John Dalbiac Luard


Holger Lubbers


Patricia van Lubeck


Albert Durer Lucas


Cédric Lucas


Eugenio Lucas


George Lucas


Katherine Lucas


Marie Elizabeth Seymour Lucas


Richard Cockle Lucas


Willy Lucas


Eugenio Lucas y Padilla


Pietro Lucchini


Johann Friedrich von Luck


Adrien Lucy


Charles Lucy


Lothar Lüder


Lodewyck van Ludick


Henry Stephen Ludlow


Albert I Ludovici


Albert II Ludovici


Augusta Ludwig


Günter Ludwig


Martin Ludwig


M. G. Luffarelli


Mari Luffarelli


Emil Lugo


Joachim Luhn


Bernardino Luini


William Luker Senior


George Luks


Evariste Vital Luminais


Juan Luna y Novicio


Edward Lunch


Anker Niels Lund


Frederick Christian Lund


Niels Moller Lund


Gustav Lundberg


Anders Anderson Lundby


Anders Christian Lunde


Gerrit Lundens


Egron Lundgren


Anders Lundqvist


Anne Luneau


Tommaso di Stefano Lunetti


Thomas Luny


Franco Luppis


Nevil Oliver Lupton


Henry A. Luscombe


Benedetto Luti


Ludwig Edward Lutke


Ascan Lutteroth


Simon Luttichuijs


Isaac Luttichuys


Charles Augustus Henry Lutyens


Arthur C. H. Luxmoore


Christiaan Luycks


Frans Luyckx


Christiaan Luykx


Dr. Robert Lyall


Joseph Lycett


Albert Lynch


Brent Lynch


Raymonde Lynde


John Lynn


Corneille de Lyon


John Howard Lyon


Johann von Lys


Thomas Hamilton Lyttleton


Dirck Maas


Johann Lorenz Maaß


Johann Lorenz Maass


Jacob Jan van der Maaten


Hamilton McAllum


William McAlpine


Joyc McAndrews


Lana McArdle


Blanche F. McArthur


Charles McArthur


Lindsay McArthur


Robert Walker McBeth


William McBride


Andrew McCallum


Cesare Maccari


Lind McCartney


Girolamo Macchietti


Samuel McCloy


Georg Macco


William McConnell


John McCormick


Derek McCrea


Frederick McCubbin


Horatio McCulloch


Horatio McCulloch


J. J.Hamilton McCullum


Alexander McDonald


James Edward Hervey McDonald


William McDuff


David McEnery


Jervis McEntee


Ambrose McEvoy


Thomas McEwan


Duncan McFarlane


William Stewart McGeorge


Jessie McGregor


Robert McGregor


William York McGregor


Antonin Machek


Reginald Machell


Pedro Machuca


J. McInnes


Robert McInnes


Samuel McIntire


J. McIntyre


Joseph Wrightson McIntyre


Robert Finlay McIntyre


Vicente Joannes Macip


James McKay


Thomas McKay


William Darling McKay


August Macke


Frederick McKenzie


James Hamilton McKenzie


William G. McKenzie


David Hall McKewan


Charles Hodge Mackie


Tom Mackie


Charles Rennie McKintosh


Julia McKworth


M. McLachlan


James McLaren


Duncan McLaurin


Kenneth McLeay


Daniel Maclise


Samuel McLoy


James McMaster


Frances McNair


Daniel McNee


Bessie McNicol


M. L. Macomber


Alexina McRitchie


Dan McShane


Eugene Joseph McSwiney


William McTaggart


John McWhirter


J. McWilson


Nilda Madariaga  


Richard Willes Maddox


Paul Madeline


Carlo Maderno


Antonius Josephus Madlener


Jean Baptiste Madou


Federico de Madrazo


Raimundo Madrazo


Raimundo de Madrazo


Raimundo de Madrazo y Garetta


Ricardo de Madrazo y Garreta


Federico de Madrazo y Kuntz


Gabriel Maelesskircher


Mariano Salvador de Maella


Jean Maelwael


Adolf Maennchen


Wilhelm Johannes Maertens


Dirk Maes


Eugène Remy Maes


Nicolaes Maes


F. Maestosi


Michelangelo Maestri


Nicola de Maestro Antonio


Dorothea Maetzel-Johannsen


Francesco Maffei


Dominique Magaud


Salva Magazzini


Domenico Maggiotto


J. C. Maggs


Carlo Magini


Alessandro Magnasco


Philippe Magnier


Helena J. Maguire


Thomas Herbert Maguire


Willibrord Joseph Mahler


Edmund Mahlknecht


J. Mahoney


Cornelis Mahu


Victor Mahu


Klaus Mai


Benedetto da Maiano


Giuliano da Maiano


Albert Pierre René Maignan


Diogène Ulysse Napoléon Maillart


Sebastiano Mainardi


Gustave Maincent


Gian Francesco de Maineri


Martin Maingaud


Fray Juan Bautista Maino


Paul Fordyce Maitland


Pascal Maitre


Iwan Kuzmitsch Makarow


Hans Makart


M. N. Makowicz


Konstantin Jegorowitsch Makowski


Nikolai Jegorowitsch Makowski


Tadeusz Makowski


Wladimir Jegorowitsch Makowski


Wassilij Maksimow


Marina Malachowski


Francesco Malacrea


Joseph-Laurent Malaine