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Thanks to this section (which is free of advertising), you shall learn all the secrets of the Webmaster tools used on our web site.

We are using various free tools found on the Web, for instance :

Icône boule bleue panels displaying the page Google rank provided by PR check info,
Icône boule bleue hit counters provided by bPath,
Icône boule bleue the encryption of e-mail address and form provided by MailToProtector,
Icône boule bleue a metatag analyser provided by SrubTheWeb.

On the other hand, we utilize the huge MichellArt.js JavaScript library, which includes :

Icône boule pourpre two Javascript libraries from other authors : Thomas Frank the sessvars library and Erik Bosrup for the overLib library,
Icône boule pourpre about one hundred JavaScript functions that we developped our selves, some of them non existing in any other JavaScript library.

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Under the condition of not closing the window opened at the beginning of the browser session, in cross domain, the sessvars library advantageously replaces the use of cookies, because these can be read only by the web site which wrote them.

The overLib library allows to display small windows of contextual help, with an excellent presentation, on mouse over a text or an image.

Multicolour animated line

The most original functions that we developed in our library JavaScript are in particular:

Icône boule bleue the combination of cookies and session variables which allows at the same time to work in cross-domain (id est, on several web sites) and with openings and closures of windows from normal screen to full screen or the opposite,
Icône boule bleue the functioning either in test mode with all the warning messages allowing to follow what is occurring, this for debugging, or in production mode (for issuing on a server) with only messages intended for the visitors of the Web Site,
Icône boule bleue the management of messages and PopUps either in the language of the visited page, either in the language of the visitor,
Icône boule bleue testing the appropriate customisation of the visitor's browser.

To have a more complete description of the functions which we developed in our JavaScript library click the following link: MichellArt.js, what will also allow you a free download.

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